Student Protests

Thousands of students marched through London yesterday to protest cuts to public education spending by the Conservative-led Coalition government and a significant increase in tuition fees.

Here’s one of the organizers, Ben Beech, a 21-year-old architecture student, holding forth on the issue in an interview by RT… It’s quite an amazing rhetorical performance (begins about 2 minutes into the clip).

Meanwhile, students at UC Berkeley voicing similar grievances were brutally set upon by baton wielding police goons in riot gear.

Signs of things to come, perhaps?


And in Other News…

Given the saturation news coverage of the insane killing spree in Arizona over the weekend (together with the subsequent media navel-gazing and partisan finger pointing), you’d think nothing else in the world was happening. So, just to change things up a little, here’s a video of a guy getting violently kicked in the face by an RCMP “detective” in Kelowna, B.C. the other day:

There was a time back in the 60s when the words “police” and “brutality” were routinely conjoined. It’s difficult to understand what has gone so tragically wrong with the RCMP of late that many of their officers seem almost willfully determined to revive this unfortunate association in the public mind by tasering innocent people to death or, in this case, punting a harmless guy on his knees in the head.