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Political Discourse in America

OCW protesters confront what they imagine to be a wealthy and insensitive “conservative” woman outside a swanky Washington hotel.

I know “liberals” aren’t supposed to pay any attention to these sorts of awkward encounters documented on film, nor are they expected to acknowledge any of the cringe-inducing and reprehensibly contemptible opinions of some the more infuriated OCW supporters given the intent of the filmmakers is usually to discredit and maliciously undermine the movement and many of its quite legitimate grievances…

By the same token, however, it would be wilfully dishonest to ignore them or pretend they’re just freak aberrations.

These angry, discontented protesters claim to be the 99% – and in terms of income they most certainly are – but in many other respects, they don’t represent vast majority of hard-working people that are trying to keep their heads above water and struggling to make ends meet.

Personally, I don’t ever remember a time when life wasn’t “all fucked up” as the highly incensed 24-year old guy screams with outrage in this video. So what exactly is his point?



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Guided Tour of OCW

Independent filmmaker Lee Stranahan saves you the trouble of actually going to Zuccotti Park with a fascinating, hour-long tour of the “Occupy Wall Street” encampment.

It’s not an altogether pretty picture by any means, but it seems to be a fairly realistic one.


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Game Over for Occupy Victoria

The pathetic effort to emulate the OCW protest movement south of the border is rapidly coming to an end in BC’s capital city and will soon be displaced by the imperatives of upcoming Christmas festivities and the installation of an outdoor skating rink.

Lacking a focused message or purpose in the first place, the pointless encampment, now increasingly a hangout for heroin addicts and undesirable street people, likely won’t be missed.


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Elizabeth Warren v. Heckler

An angry man confronts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren at the outset of a local volunteer meeting in Brockton, Mass. “You’re a socialist whore!” the unemployed Fox News viewer shouted, adding for good measure that her “boss” (presumably President Obama) was “foreign born.”

After the event, Warren stated the she felt sorry for the guy for being unemployed for a year and a half. “And bless his heart, I mean, he thought somehow it would help to come here and yell names. I was thinking more about the heckler. I’m not angry with him, but he didn’t come up with the idea that his biggest problem was Occupy Wall Street. There’s someone else pre-packaging that poison — and that’s who makes me angry,” she said.

What’s especially funny about this incident is to read some of the reactions from right-wingers, many of whom feel that: a) the heckler was just telling the truth; or b) he was a Democratic operative plant.

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Coren on the “Occupy” Protesters

Sun TV’s Michael Coren lambastes the “Occupy” protesters for being “spoiled children of privilege” that are needy, self-indulgent whiners and so on…

I have to admit to experiencing a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance being largely in agreement with his withering assessment of the protesters involved in the Canadian version of this movement.


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Kunstler on the Political Economy

RT interviews James Howard Kunstler on a range of topics including the current state of the global economy, the de-legitimization of the U.S. political system, and, of course, his thoughts about the OCW movement.

At the outset, Kunstler makes a terrific point about the “consensus about reality” in the United States being so woefully fragmented these days as to make defining a coherent narrative about the economic crisis, let alone finding a positive way forward, an almost impossible task.

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Fact Check!

A “First Nation speaker” (not sure who) took to the stage of the Occupy Toronto event at City Hall this past weekend to spew a pantload of demonstrably false information about Benjamin Franklin that was, sadly, then dutifully resounded by the crowd through the “people’s mic”…

Like the ostentatious brandishing of Marxist signage promoting socialism at the event, this sort of angry, fact-free rubbish will serve only to strongly discourage most people from having anything whatsoever to do with the “occupy” movement in Canada.


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