Canada “Too Dangerous” for Cheney

As reported in local Toronto-area paper The National Post, former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney won’t be appearing any time soon in Canada.

Ryan Ruppert, president of the ironically-named promotions company Spectre Live Corp., which had scheduled an upcoming appearance at the Toronto Convention Centre for Cheney and his loathsome daughter Liz, said the malevolent mass-murderer had cancelled the engagement, citing safety concerns.

“After speaking with their security advisors, they changed their mind on coming to the event,” Ruppert told CTV Network. They “decided it was better for their personal safety they stay out of Canada.”


Disappointed ticket holders for the event can either bring in their tickets for a refund, or go to a replacement talk by inflammatory racist Mark Steyn.


Butt Out Already!

Smoking Presidents

I don’t often agree with the editors of the National Post, but I couldn’t do more so than with their tirade yesterday attacking the Ontario government’s plan to sue a dozen tobacco companies for $50-billion to compensate them for health services dating back to 1955.

No one makes more money from tobacco sales than governments do — not tobacco farmers or small tobacco retailers or even tobacco companies. Last year in Canada, federal and provincial governments took in over $7-billion from tobacco taxes. The combined net income of tobacco growers and tobacco companies, on the other hand, was just over $1-billion.

Yet the federal government, through the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, is also one of the largest investors in the tobacco industry, holding nearly $400-million in cigarette company stocks.

So it strikes us as the height of hypocrisy when governments let the tobacco industry keep chugging along, and then sue tobacco companies to recover the cost of health care provided to smokers. We are not in favour of a tobacco ban; individuals should be free to decide for themselves whether they want to take up smoking. But if governments find tobacco use so perilous and repugnant, the obvious course of action that presents itself is to make it illegal.

Indeed. Maybe it’s time for those of us who choose to smoke to begin standing up a little more for our rights and stop being endlessly bullied and browbeaten by the anti-smoking fanatics who see it as an almost religious crusade of some kind to rob us of one of the few small pleasures in life while at the same time insulating cynical grifters and health-conscious busybodies in the government at both the federal and provincial level from any criticism of their efforts to constantly shame and humiliate us, as simultaneously they quite happily extort a hefty profit on a dependable basis from our relatively harmless addiction.

Not to be overly rude or anything, but fuck off already… butt out of our lives and leave us alone. We’ve patiently tolerated your silly bans, public space prohibitions, workplace regulations, perimeter restrictions, annoying advertisements, scary chastisements on the products we buy, etc., not to mention being regressively taxed up the wazoo, but enough is enough.

p.s. Oh, and just a short note to radical non-smokers… I hate to break this to you, but despite all of your best efforts, you’re not going to live forever; so stop pretending you can defeat mortality and insisting that we all need to subscribe to that same absurd premise, okay?

The Depraved Insanity of the Right

It would be hard to imagine any respectable newspaper publishing a column with such a risible headline, wouldn’t it? After all, not everyone on “the Right” is completely demented. I josh, of course…

But what then are we to make to the National Dogtrainer running this execrable column by scurrilous dooche and “heteronormative” racist “Raphael Alexander,” who in today’s installment of the NP’s Free Full Comment, accuses “the left” of “moral bankruptcy” because of what he imagines to be a wholesale “abandonment of the moral humanitarian struggle against anti-democratic Islamic imperialism”? Good grief, how many things wrong can you spot in that one ridiculous assertion alone vis-à-vis the Afghanistan War?

I really can’t bring myself to waste time picking apart the sanctimonious claptrap of this fatuous little twatwaffle — it’s simply not worth the trouble. Just another sign I suppose of the woeful state of desperation on the part of the NP that its editorial standards have sunken to such a pathetic nadir.

From a Source You Can Trust!

Ugh, I hate The National Post sometimes. Well, most times actually. Surely there’s some horrendous irony in a paper that constantly shrieks from its editorial pages about the infallibility of the “free market” that’s been hemorrhaging millions of dollars in losses almost since its inception. Clearly it’s been a financial disaster — a bottomless sinkhole with no prospect of recovery. So why doesn’t it fold up operations? Die already and stop annoying everyone with your hackneyed right-wing drivel.

But that’s only tangential to my point. Today, their editorial board deigned to offer some free, unsolicited advice for the Liberal Party. After thoroughly trashing and deriding Ignatieff, it’s their considered opinion the Liberals “should give up on the idea of replacing the Conservatives at the end of January when Parliament reconvenes.” Instead, the NP feels the Liberals should put in place an interim leader “who has no ambitions to run the party” and is ostensibly neutral and then… just carry on with business as usual until the May leadership vote. Well that’s stellar advice, isn’t it? And coming from the NP… you have to know that it couldn’t possibly be any more impartial and objective than that!

Just for fun, let’s review some of the NP’s slagging of Iggy. First off, he’s a “a prickly academic, like Mr. Dion” who’s been overtaken with ambition. Worse, “he lived outside the country for nearly three decades” and “only returned to seek high office at the best of a cabal of party insiders.” Then comes the old, familiar charge that he was “an enthusiastic supporter of the war in Iraq.” Or at least he was “until it became convenient for him to oppose it.” In a similar fashion according to the NP, he was for the coalition until he was against it; and that was only when he realized it was unpopular with Ontario Liberals “because of the separatists’ support.”

Why they even managed to work Adscam into their piece and several mentions of the “power lust” of Liberals. Good work NP!

Dead Man Walking

If, as we’re constantly told by the creatures at Small Dead Animals that “liberalism is bad for business” when they gleefully crow about the financial difficulties of the New York Times, then what does the moribund state of affairs at the National Post say about “conservatism”?

While it’s not clear that the paper is formally up for sale, sources said that interested parties have considered the asset. Media executives estimate the paper would fetch $25-million to $35-million. Removing the National Post’s estimated $10-million a year in losses from CanWest’s books would potentially boost the value of the company, though bankers who have looked at the numbers say the gain would be small relative to the overall financial situation at the company and that a sale may not be a high priority.

CanWest itself is in debt to the tune of more than $3.7-billion. As Kinsella notes, it’s amusing “that a newspaper that loses nearly million bucks a month continues to give the rest of us lectures about fiscal restraint and probity and conservative principles.” Indeed.