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Olympic Fundraising

Awkward moments backstage at the making of a Conservative fundraising video attempting to leverage the Olympic event for partisan political benefit, featuring the morbidly corpulent senatorial douchebag from PEI and former host of CTV’s Mike Duffy Live program and Nancy Greene, the former Olympian turned wealthy real estate developer and another Harper-appointed political hack in the Upper Chamber.



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Words That Don’t Go Together


Just sayin’

If you haven’t already, Scott Feschuk’s hilarious piece this morning on Senator Duffy’s “journey of discovery” is well worth checking out.


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Senator Duffy

I’m sure that’s going to grow on everyone… eventually.

It’s difficult to argue with the motivation behind his decision to accept an appointment to the Senate — some mental “busy work” to avoid falling prey to the all-too-common sense of futile irrelevance, boredom and morbid intellectual sloth that usually accompanies forced retirement. That Duffy would actually jump into the Senate to proactively avoid these very things may perhaps be somewhat amusing and/or highly ironic fodder to critics of that much-maligned legislative body, but at the same time, staunch defenders of the upper chamber’s constituted role in our parliamentary democracy can take some small amount of cheer from it as well.

Update: A little civics lesson…


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MDL: Senate Edition

Senator Duffy

I thought people were joking about this. I guess not.


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The Good Soldier

Bob Rae appearing on MDL yesterday discusses his decision to drop out of the Liberal leadership race with Jabba the Hack.

“When [a vote of the membership] didn’t happen… I learned how to count a while ago, Mike. So I drew a conclusion it was time to pack it in. Also time, I think, to recognize that we’ve got some tough decisions to make as a party, as a country, over the next six weeks. We need to have a permanent leader in place.”

After suggesting there was some comparison to be made with the sense of disillusion many Canadians experienced with Pierre Trudeau after his first term in office, in typical fashion, Duffy asked the most inane question of the day: “Is there a danger here, in the rush to judgment, Mr. Ignatieff may, at the end of the day, turn out to be ‘less than perfect’? Answer: “Well, we’re all less than perfect, but Michael’s pretty good.” Bob then went on to sing his praises in a most convincing way.


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