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Originally made by the Drug Policy Alliance, an organization working to end the hopelessly misguided “War on Drugs” in the USA, this customized version of the election ad parody was underwritten by Marc Emery.

It’s unlikely to be an issue in the election, given more pressing matters, but it should be something that’s discussed in connection with the “tough on crime” legislation that the Conservatives are endlessly promoting (and for that matter, with respect to the positions of the Liberals and NDP who are seeking to mimic them in this regard).



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CBC Sunday Night: Mark Emery

Here’s another Canadian that the “Conservative” government isn’t going to “stand up for” in his relentless crusade against the boneheaded, unconstitutional War on Drugs.

Interesting that he cites Ayn Rand as his ideological inspiration. Take that objectivist poseurs!

On a related note, according to an RCMP report compiled in response to a request from The Globe and Mail, “Tips and calls to police from the public about marijuana growing operations have declined significantly since mid-2003.” Emery identified three factors leading to the drop:

…effective police enforcement has increased the risks; a strong Canadian dollar has made exports less profitable; and a downturn in the U.S. economy has led to many Americans trying their hands as suppliers.

Many people have started growing marijuana crops in U.S. National Forests throughout the western states, Mr. Emery said. Also, homeowners hurt by the mortgage crisis and laid-off workers desperate to keep their homes are converting a basement or spare room into something that can make them money. In many instances, they are turning to growing marijuana, he said.

A homeowner with only two high-intensity grow-lights can probably earn as much as $20,000 a year with minimal risk, Mr. Emery said. “It certainly is enough to tide people over, no problem, and two lights are not going to get you into trouble either. So it is a nice, modest-size grow [operation] that you can probably get away with.”

I’ll never understand why the federal government doesn’t just legalize and tax marijuana. Think of the revenue potential!


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