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C-10 Omnibus Crime Bill Illustrated

A whiteboard re-cap of Bill C-10, the Harper Government® omnibus anti-crime legislation that is currently being reviewed by the Senate…

The video urges viewers to contact the Senate to voice objections to the bill in its current form. Should you be interested in doing so, a while back the Canadian Bar Association helpfully identified ten key reasons why the passage of Bill C-10 would be a mistake.

Update: “More than two dozen current and former law enforcement officials in the United States – including police officers, prosecutors and judges – are warning the Canadian government against mandatory minimum sentences for minor marijuana offences.” Read more here.



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Crime & Punishment

I’ll be perfectly frank here and admit that I don’t have the time or interest to fully plunge into this issue with any great insight (sorry, but I have to confess that I find criminal activity and its purported remedies to be a supremely boring subject that’s usually about as phenomenally uninteresting as the perpetrators themselves), however I did note in passing this morning our friend Jeff’s remarks about the Liberals’ problematic stance on the issue and he asks some valid questions.

As a point of reference, and perhaps by way of serendipity, I also happened to watch this news report from the BBC this morning:

Sign of things to come perhaps?

I know the idea of addressing the socio-economic causality of crime is vastly more complex and difficult to remedy than simply focusing on purported methods of deterrence (that are proven to be ineffective), but it would be nice to see an honest debate about the issue rather than the usual bullshit about cracking down on offenders and doling out harsher sentences, etc.


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Big Brother Wants to Follow You

I’m sure that we’ll be seeing lots of outrage about this from those fervid conservatives, defenders of individual civil liberties and privacy rights who populate the ranks of the Bloggin’ Tories, right?

No? Nobody… not even a single damn one of them? Gee, that’s kinda weird.

Oh wait… I forgot. It was introduced by the Harper Conservatives, so it’s A-OK. Nothing to worry about. No slippery slope here whatsoever. Absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan. Ever.


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Revenge of the Ever-Pesky Facts

Uh oh! Bad news for the Bloggin’ Tories’ favourite crime-watcher and intrepid reporter issuing frantic dispatches from the frontlines of the “war zone in Southern Ontario”

New statistics suggest serious criminal offences were on the decline well before the federal Conservative government launched its anti-crime campaign in Parliament.

The figures, reported by Statistics Canada today, indicate police-reported crime was less serious overall in 2007, the year after the Tories took office, than it was a decade earlier. The agency says the crime rate had also dropped, but to a lesser degree.

The agency’s new police-reported Crime Severity Index tracks changes in the severity of reported crimes by assigning each offence a weight, with more serious crimes such as robberies and break-ins given higher rankings. Traditional statistics have looked at the numbers of crimes, rather than rating their seriousness.

The report says the index — billed as the first of its kind anywhere — suggests crime severity fell by about 20 per cent during the decade, driven by a 40 per cent drop in break-ins.

I’m sure the findings of Statistics Canada won’t deter Neo and other paranoid loons of the right-wing from their prurient, fear-mongering hobby of scanning the nation’s police blotters every day, or disabuse them of the crackpot notion that western civilization is being hopelessly corroded by the influx of wickedly immoral brown people and their depraved “leftist” enablers.


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Hapless Posturing on Crime

It’s kind of sad to see the Minister of Homeland Security, err, Public Safety, pedaling another ill-conceived “law and order” scheme designed to pander to the segment of the public that will forever be terrorized by unseen threats to their personal safety no matter what this government, or any other for that matter, might do, or not do, about the problem of crime.

Flogging the Conservative party’s latest initiative under the rubric “Tackling Crime” (or “attacking” crime en français) Stockwell Day had this to say:

We’re not looking at this in a punitive way. We want to see people, if they’re going to be in jail for a number of years, let’s get them in a training program, an apprentice program, maybe work towards a journeyman’s certificate, some type of occupational standard that, when they finally are released from prison, they have some way of taking care of themselves, rather than doing that illegally.”

Surely Day couldn’t be so obtuse as to be unaware that to his base, “attacking” crime should be looked at “in a punitive way”? In fact, the more the better!

If the Liberals had trotted out some lame kind of “occupational therapy” program like this for inmates, they would have been mercilessly excoriated. So what gives? Are the Conservatives going “soft on crime” now to get that mushy-middle of the vote? I’m very confused.

Oh look! One of the “Blogging Tories” dopiest slackwits is stepping up to the T-ball plate now to take a swing at this nettlesome issue…


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