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Canadian Conservatives Defined

Professionally angry midget Kathy Shaidle attempts to explain who’s who in the hinterland of Canadian “conservatism” to Sun News host Brian Lilley:

Heh. By my estimation, Shaidle just slagged off about 90% of the “Bloggin’ Tories” in one form or another as not being REAL conservatives; at least that is, according to her quirky and peculiarly incoherent definition of the species.

So, suck on that all you “tedious” tax-averse conservative men that are overly tolerant of diversity; you “culturally retarded” SoCons that don’t own TVs; and wacky libertarians that are effectively enabling the hordes of drug-addled “parasites” corroding society…

As for the notion that conservatives are frequently typecast as being “angry and stupid” (a pitiable trope of conservative victimization deftly served up by Lilley with wide-eyed puzzlement), oblivious to self-incriminating irony, Shaidle suggests that it’s nothing more than a “mainstream media pop-culture meme.”



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Sun “News” Drinking Game

Okay, so here’s what I propose… Take a shot every time you hear execrable termagant and furious runt Kathy Shaidle casually tell a blatant LIE during this 7:00 minute interview with addlebrained guest-host Mark Bonokoski (to be fair, his cognitive lapses and frequent misstatements of fact get a pass for our purposes).

Advance Warning: Immediately surrender your car keys to a friend before attempting. Also, do not plan on operating heavy machinery, chain saws, firearms, etc. any time soon.

Challenge: Presuming you’re conscious by the end of the exercise, what was your tally of the number of Shaidle’s falsehoods?


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Lowered Expectations

Fans of Mad TV will presumably get the joke. But of course it has the added bonus feature of the diminutive racist hatemonger Kathy Shaidle standing on a box (as predicted, I might note; although to be precise it was a plastic stool in this instance — which again, invites a whole other level of jokes) to deliver her rousing diatribe to an indifferent rabble of dozens.

London-SOS: Five Feet of Shit on a Stool

Anyway, BCL had more gleeful observances of the nascent teabagging movement in Canada.


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Teabagging in London

In a troubled climate of deep economic recession, I suppose it was only a matter of time before some version of the “mad as hell” anti-government “teabag” movement inevitably found it’s way over the border.

A non-profit, free-market civic watchdog group pleasantly called the Forest City Institute is sponsoring a “London S.O.S. (Stop Over-Spending) Rally” at the beginning of next month to “let London’s city council and bureaucrats know it is time to end London’s decade of darkness.”

A key speaker at the event will be the hateful right-wing tosspot and inflammatory bigot Kathy Shaidle. No word yet on who’s supplying the box for her to stand on.

This story should be interesting to watch unfold, if for no other reason than to perhaps see if this is maybe a precursor to other such protests from frustrated ratepayers across the country who may well quite justifiably feel their civic taxes are being improperly spent by their marginally elected officials.


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The New Face of Homelessness

Conservative Kathy Shaidle: “Today’s ‘poor’ are fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s.”


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