Parliamentary Fight Club

Irrespective of the supposedly worthy fundraising cause involved, what an utterly bizarre and unseemly event this past weekend’s charity boxing match was. Hard to believe that we’ve actually sunk lower by a quantum measure of absurdity in comparison to our American friends – can you imagine two members of Congress showing off their “tats” and battling it out in the ring?

Poor Ezra Levant; it must really chapped the insufferable little toad’s backside that not only didn’t the Liberals’ pretentious “shiny pony” get flattened in the first round, but actually managed to withstand Senator Brazeau’s initial hammering and eventually best the odds-on favourite Conservative with a TKO in the third round.

As much as I’m completely appalled by the event, I have to admit to whimsically considering that more such brawls might perhaps be a worthwhile replacement for the shrill and mostly pointless haranguing of Question Period. Hmmm… I wonder if Pierre Polievre has tats?


Trudeau’s S-Bomb

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, in parliament yesterday, Liberal MP and Guy Fawkes impersonator Justin Trudeau called Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit.” Despite being factually accurate, Trudeau subsequently apologized unreservedly to the House for his “decidedly unparliamentary” remark.

Speaking on CTV’s “Power Play” later in the day, Trudeau clarified the reasons for his uncivil outburst.

For whatever it’s worth, in an online poll conducted by CBC that asked if Trudeau’s comment disappointed them, almost 80% of respondents indicated that it did not.

Trudeau in Winnipeg

Justin Trudeau was in town yesterday to help launch the provincial election campaign of Dr. Jon Gerrard and his hapless Liberals (that, unfortunately, will most likely be completely obliterated next month).

When asked about talk of a merger with the NDP, Trudeau said, “I don’t see how it can happen.” And responding to the rather dumb question as to whether he is running for leadership of the Liberal Party, he categorically stated that he is not. Which of course he would say… After all, who is actually “running” at this point in time?