Who is Scott Hennig?


Probably not the next John Galt…

After being bombarded with a welter of videos from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation today, I got a little curious about Scott Hennig — the youngish fellow with the trendy glasses appearing in many of the CTF’s “news” stories. Who is this guy and why should I value his opinion, I wondered.

Well, he’s the Alberta director of the Taxpayers Federation it turns out, and prior to that he had a brief career as a speechwriter for the provincial conservative government in Alberta (and possibly a hack paid to insert compelling words in the mouth of Stephen Harper). Aside from that… not much of anything it seems.

That’s right; the animated spokesbot persistently speaking out to any camera with an operating battery in it, supposedly on behalf of the little guy, the “average” taxpayer and the hardscrabble small businessman (or woman), appears to have gone pretty much on a smooth glide-path from the Halls of Academe (well, the home of the aptly-named “Butterdome” and leafy grounds of the University of Alberta anyway) to a well-appointed, air-conditioned sinecure located in the heart of Edmonton’s rather antiseptic corridor of hideous architectural travesties known as “the government district.”

These days, when not professionally moaning to the so-called “liberal media” about taxes of all sorts, according to his official bio, he’s also a founding member of the Fort Saskatchewan Urban Forest Committee. What’s that you ask? Shockingly, you will be entirely un-amazed to learn that it’s one of numerous worthy public relations community initiatives Shell Oil is involved with — presumably to deflect hostile criticism of its nearby Scotford heavy oil upgrader and monoethylene glycol production facilities.

It may further un-surprise you to learn that Hennig is friends with Stephen Taylor and is also part of his recently formulated, rapidly budding right-wing Twitsphere of reactionary dolts. Evidently, a 142 jabbering dunderheads are already “following” Mr. Hennig for some completely unknown reason.

Update: Canadian Cynic draws a parallel.