Liberals at the Crossroads

A look back at the various reasons leading up to the crushing defeat of the federal Liberals in this week’s election and an examination of whether the party has a raison d’etre anymore, let alone a long-term future…

It’s hard to get passionate about a moderate, centrist party that espouses strong federalism, fiscal responsibility and social tolerance (amongst other things), but I can’t help but think that our politics would be worse off if our system was to devolve into a two-party see-saw between pretend socialists and fake conservatives.

Broken Party Politics

The first part of a TVO’s series “Politics is Broken.”

Hard to see how Paiken & Co. are going to get four more episodes worth out of this topic. I suspect they may run out of steam after another hour of discourse about the baleful state of Canadian politics and the multitude of possible reasons accounting for the widespread apathy, contempt and thorough disinterest of voters.

Lament for a Nation

Fascinating discussion from TVO’s Agenda program about the current state of Canadian nationalism within the framework of political philosopher George Grant’s ideas and particularly his seminal essay Lament for a Nation, written in the wake of the 1963 election that toppled the Diefenbaker government.

Just as an irrelevant aside, I had no idea that David Warren was once editor of The Idler… That was such a wonderful magazine! I must have been one of its (evidently too) few subscribers back in the day.