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Blame Game

I don’t intend to get hung up on the shooting in Tuscon, AZ the other day, but the incident does raise some rather interesting issues.

Much discussion in the mainstream media (and yes, that includes Fox News) has been centered on the potential influence of… surprise; the media! As indicated in the comments on a previous thread about this, barring evidence to the contrary, I’m fairly skeptical about any such direct correlation. That said, however, it does naturally beg the question as to where such paranoid delusions arise from…

I’m not sure if privacy law would allow for its disclosure, but I for one would be most interested to see the forensics of Jared Loughner’s Internet browsing history as that may well be far more revelatory about the influences that could possibly have driven this individual to violence than anything else.

Note: Just to head off the hate mail… I’m not suggesting that Alex Jones compelled this kid to engage in a wild shooting spree — it just happens to be a superlative example of the kind of furiously inchoate nonsense that pervades the airwaves (and Internet) these days.

“Obviously a Leftist” Update:

It certainly would be nice if people from both sides of the political spectrum would stop trying to associate the deranged shooter with those on the other side of the ideological fence.

Update2: TPM took down the previous video for whatever reason, so here’s a full-length version of the same thing from Fox. By the way, Sal Russo is a veteran Republican bagman who raised $5 million for the Tea Party and his firm is reported to have pocketed 60% of that in fees. Just thought I’d mention that in passing…



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