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Immigration Clandestine!

Voila! The latest classy attack ad from The Harper Government® (or is it the Conservative Party? Whatever… same difference these days, apparently) aimed at the Quebec “market” accusing Ignatieff and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe – without even so much as a shred of out-of-context “proof” – of being opposed to tougher penalties for smugglers of illegal immigrants and wanting to transform the country’s border into… a leaky sieve!

Now you don’t possibly think that the Conservateur could be cynically pandering to the more xenophobic elements of their rural “base” in Quebec, do you? Perish the thought!



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Cons Get Tough on Immigration

Granny vs Kenney-Blue Meanie

Drawing once again on his unfailing knack for savvy public relations, Immigration minister Jason Kenney has refused several requests on compassionate grounds that would have allowed 69 yr. old Stefania Elzbieta Magdziak, a blind Polish grandmother who’s lived in Toronto for more than a decade, to remain in the country with her family.

Way to go Conservatives! That’ll show all these deadbeat, no-goodnik immigrant scoflaws that they can’t mess around with the Stephen Harper government of Canada…


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Con Jobs: “A Nation of Immigrants”

This time, sweater guy wants us to know that ethnic voters are really important to him — at election time. Kidding… No, he wants to know that he thinks “immigrants are excited about the opportunities and possibilities of the new land they’re in…” and that the Conservative government has “cut the landing fee” and will be doing a bunch of other… stuff for immigrants at some time in the future. Foreign credential program… wasn’t that implemented in 2003 with funding due to expire next year?

Speaking of immigration, Monte Solberg is retiring. Not that it will make any difference. He’s been virtually invisible since 2006. As for his seat, the Conservatives could run a bag of cat litter in Medicine Hat and have it elected to the Commons.


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