Teabagging Day!

Oh goody. The wingnuts and free-range loons are going to be out in force today (“Tax Day” for the 17% of Americans that haven’t already filed their income taxes) protesting all of the “reckless government spending” — something they were quite happily oblivious to for the past decade or more, apparently. Anyway, a couple of views on the protests from the left:

Howard Dean — as usual, the voice of reason. Go figure. I know that pseudo-cons will likely never be capable of getting their heads around that idea, but contrary to the ridiculous caricatures of him conjured up by the right-wing during the 2004 election, the guy is a very sensible and moderate fiscal conservative — always was, and still is.

U.S. Losing Jobs to Canada?

Howard Dean discussing Obama’s proposed healthcare plan: “This is a huge economic boost. We’re losing jobs to Canada right now because their healthcare system doesn’t weigh down their business community like our healthcare system does.”

Howard’s End

As noted the other day by the AP: “During Dean’s tenure, Democrats regained control of Congress in 2006, and captured the presidency in 2008 while increasing their numbers in the House and Senate.”

Well, there you go… Vindication indeed. Case closed.
Thank you Dr. Dean for a job well done!