Harper’s F-35 Joint Strike Farce

Here’s a brand new video from the LPC regarding the Harper government’s constantly shifting position with respect to the purchase of an unconfirmed number of F-35 stealth fighter jets that could cost billions more than was initially planned for.

You may recall that during the election the Conservatives claimed they had a contract in place to purchase the new planes – one that would protect taxpayers’ from spiralling costs. Eventually, however, that turned out not to be true (surprise!). Now as things stand, according to associate defence minister Julian Fantino, “The . . . decision has not been made as to whether or not we are actually going to purchase, buy, acquire the F-35,”

Apart from the subject at hand, the nature of the video itself is worth noting. I believe this marks a significant departure for the Liberals – it’s the first full-on, issue-specific attack that I can recall being posted on YouTube. Until now they’ve mostly just uploaded raw clips of testy exchanges in Question Period or lengthy speeches – fairly unremarkable stuff, to be honest. By contrast, this is an engaging, aggressively direct piece that demonstrates some actual effort in terms of production. Good job! Let’s see more of these in the future.

C-10 Omnibus Crime Bill Illustrated

A whiteboard re-cap of Bill C-10, the Harper Government® omnibus anti-crime legislation that is currently being reviewed by the Senate…

The video urges viewers to contact the Senate to voice objections to the bill in its current form. Should you be interested in doing so, a while back the Canadian Bar Association helpfully identified ten key reasons why the passage of Bill C-10 would be a mistake.

Update: “More than two dozen current and former law enforcement officials in the United States – including police officers, prosecutors and judges – are warning the Canadian government against mandatory minimum sentences for minor marijuana offences.” Read more here.

Vic Toews Should Retire… Now

Harper’s embattled Public Safety Minister claims that he “didn’t exactly say” that people could either side with the Conservatives or with child pornographers regarding those who oppose Bill C-30, his laughably named “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.” Only thing is… that’s exactly what he DID say – on the official record yet!

Toews should resign; it’s as simple as that. Better yet, he should just cash in his abundant stack of pension chips and retire altogether. This cynical, prevaricating old fool no longer has any credibility whatsoever. Too bad Stockwell Day isn’t around any more – by comparison, he was vastly more competent in this particular role.

No Debate… So What?

Rick Mercer rants against the erosion of public debate under the Harper Government® concerning various issues of the day and its paternalistic “My house, my rules” approach to unilaterally enacting decisions…

Um, sorry, but isn’t this semi-dictatorial kind of behaviour the nature of majority governments in parliament and, truth be told, part of the reason we elect them to effectively function as such in the first place? If anything, the virtual autocracy we temporarily grant to our leaders for several years at a time seems to be a feature, not a bug, of our system.

SSM Legal Muddle Resolved!

Nice to see that the Harper Government has moved rapidly to resolve legal confusion over the issue of same-sex marriage. As reported in The Globe & Mail today: “All same sex marriages performed in Canada are legal and the law will be changed to ensure that divorce is readily available to non-residents who were married in the country, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says.”

I wonder if all the indignant liberal folks appearing on TV and fulminating in blogs that have been asserting Harper and the Conservatives were nefariously plotting to undermine gay marriage by stealth utilizing the legal system will now admit they were being completely hysterical and apologize for their baseless allegations?

WARNING: Holding of breath in anticipation of the foregoing may result in fatal outcome.

If anything, Harper should be applauded for the way he and Rob Nicholson deftly handled this situation. After all, it wasn’t exactly something of their making. Moreover, it took a certain degree of moral fortitude for Harper to flatly reject the pleadings of “family values” Christian wingnuts like Charles (Hey, notice how the bogus “Dr.” isn’t used anymore?) McVety and his ilk to reopen the debate over SSM.

Perhaps now we’ll never have to hear of this ridiculous issue ever again. After all, practically everyone but the most insane, fanatically religious fringe of the right-wing is completely over it and could pretty much care less.