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Get Out the Vote!

Well, we’re down to the wire here, folks.  My daughter has made great strides over the last few days, rocketing up from 268 to 539 in the Harper-Collins “Share the Reading” contest, but is still inexplicably trailing by about 50 votes to a witless person who adores puppies and thinks the book adaptation of “Marley and Me” is a literary wonder.

So now it’s all down to the proverbial ground game and turning out the votes. Today is the last day to cast a ballot.  Essentially, it  boils down to this choice:


Need I say more?

By the way, if you’ve already voted… no problem, you can vote again!


And if you can pass that link on after voting via email or to your social networks that would be terrific. I would love nothing more than to help score a win for her and the worthy charitable foundation she’s competing for.



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