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Raw Video from Haiti

Things you won’t see on CNN, FOX, or the other mainstream media.

I’ve always found it an exceedingly strange contradiction that we (Americans especially, but also Canadians) are so prissy and squeamish when it comes to the actuality of death considering that our popular culture has such an apparently indifferent regard for life.

Update: To facilitate your donations to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the Harper government has set up this page on the Revenue Canada website. Clicking on the link to a searchable list of registered charities in Canada helpfully provides potential donors with the following:

Last modified 2½ months ago and nobody checked the dysfunctional link before directing thousands of people to it. Yikes! Crack efficiency, or what?



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Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat…

[insert pejorative of choice here]

As bizarre and reprehensible as Pat Robertson’s remarks about a spurious “pact with the Devil” being the root cause for Haiti’s latest misfortune, at least the senile old kook urged his viewers to contribute to the CBN’s Disaster Relief Fund to help the suffering victims of the earthquake (which makes no logical sense if they’re supposedly in league with the Devil, but that’s another matter…)

In contrast, Rush Limbaugh followed up his cynically racist remarks about the disaster “playing right into the hands” of the Obama administration that, according to Rush, would use Haiti to get closer to the “light-skinned and dark-skinned black [communities] in this country,” by yesterday urging people not to donate to Haiti relief effort because that country is run by “dictators and communists” and declaring that Americans have already helped Haiti more than enough in the form income taxes.

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart quipped that he’d figured out the reason for Rush’s recent heart problem — “You don’t have one!”

“Meals on Wheels” Update: You really have to wonder at what point Rush’s legion of dittoheads might possibly become a wee bit embarrassed by the despicable things this hateful clown says every day.


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