Sunday Sermonette

Given that it’s Sunday, what better time to hear from one of those folks who claim to speak for God? Today’s topic is the latest shooting rampage south of the border that, ironically, took place outside a Safeway in Tuscon, AZ.

Unsurprisingly, “Reverend” Phelps has his facts wrong. The shooter wasn’t an Afghanistan War veteran, but does claim to have been a military recruit in Phoenix. At least that’s what he writes in his “Final Thoughts” video that you can watch on his YouTube channel – how weirdly chilling is that?


Another Church Shooting

As you probably know if you’ve been watching the news today, a gunman walked to the pulpit of the First Baptist Church of Maryville in Illinois this morning and shot pastor Fred Winters to death.

Amazing that on right-wing blogs, as is usually the case with these sorts of gruesome shootings, the first thoughts seem to revolve around the issue of gun control and more specifically how if parishioners had been packing heat, this inexplicable murder could somehow have been prevented. Others utilize the incident to spew their kooky, anti-Obama vitriol:

When you ban guns, only the criminals are armed. When a country is disarmed, you can take it easily. Obama knows that, this is why he wants your guns. This illegal alien will not finish the year, America will wake up and remove that usurper from the predidency [sic]. If not, the whole world will be doomed.

Sigh. What a deeply sick society.

Update: Speaking of which, check out the hate mail that PZ Myers received from some irate reader in Indiana.