Carry On Cowboy

Surely, there’s something completely demented about casually strolling through a grocery store while openly slinging a loaded Glock semi-automatic pistol.

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel extremely creeped out being in a public space with a bunch of people packing heat, especially if they resembled anything like Nik Clark, the President of the Wisconsin Open Carry group featured in the piece, who seems at first glance to be an obvious steroid abuser…

Let’s suppose “Nik” was having the worst day of his life and went ballistic in the Piggly Wiggly for some harebrained reason after another shopper rudely jostled him with their cart in the cereal aisle. Things could get ugly pretty fast.


Better Know a “Liberal” Nitwit

Seeing as the allegedly Liberal, feminist blogger “Pareta” doesn’t allow comments or permit trackbacks on her shitty little website, it seems pretty darn ripe calling Liberal MP Keith Martin a “spineless white man who hates gun control” and oddly quipping that “Tanning beds are to skin as Keith Martin is to the Liberal Party.” Exactly WTF does that mean?

The nitwit in question (appropriately self described as being “young, dumb, and full of glum”) might also benefit from educating herself a little about the riding of Esquimalt–Juan de Fuca (where I happen to live these days) before dismissively and quite incorrectly labeling it as “rural” — not that there’s anything wrong with that; but in fact, it’s a diverse mix of urban, suburban and rural communities.

Finally, it’s a highly dubious distinction indeed when one also gets sarcastically called out by Kate McMillan (of all people) and the pitchfork wielding mob at SDA as an example of “The Tolerant Left”

Update: A predictably infantile response from the gutless, anonymous, comment-free “Pareta”… For the record, I wasn’t so much “offended” by her lazy and snide post so much as ashamed to be politically associated in any way with someone so catastrophically ignorant.


The freak-out of hysterical right-wing extremists continues apace…

Guest host David Shuster asks the question: “Is the angry rhetoric emanating from the right winger talkers infecting the hard right of the GOP? And are they being turned into militias?”

The latter part of that inquiry itself seems a tad paranoid, but there seems to be no shortage of that feeling going around these days.

Gun Crazy!

Oh, groan. One day into the election and the Liberals wheel out their first highly divisive wedge issue — gun control! Speaking at an event at Dawson College, Stéphane Dion announced that if elected, he would move quickly to take military assault weapons off Canadian streets. “A new Liberal government will make our cities, our communities, and our schools safer by getting military assault weapons off our streets,” he said. Just in case you may have forgotten, Dawson College was the site of a violent shooting rampage in 2006 in which one victim was killed and 19 others were seriously injured, an incident that vividly rekindled memories of the appalling École Polytechnique massacre sixteen years previous to that.

While it’s hard to take much serious issue with banning the firearms which are the ostensible target of such a proposal — machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, and other such so-called “military assault weapons” — Dion’s vowed crack-down is most likely to be taken by “conservatives” as simply being a dog whistle for more vastly more wide-ranging and intrusive gun control measures, thereby setting the stage for… (ta da!) what promises to be the usual rancorous, overheated, utterly futile confrontation between different factions of our society that seem to divide passionately along this controversial political fault line for various (often self-contradictory) reasons.

Gilles Duceppe has already set out a marker on the issue, somewhat ludicrously claiming that the Conservatives “are fighting for the free circulation of firearms” and perhaps that radical position may have informed the more temperate “me too” thinking of the Liberals in making today’s announcement, but there’s a risk involved here in that it raises another specter of the Liberals’ past — the monumentally flawed implementation of the long-gun registry, a well-intentioned “Trudeauvian” (to borrow the NP’s expression) program of dubious merit that, despite all of its many shortcomings and bureaucratic failings, the Conservative government hasn’t been able to summon enough gumption or integrity to actually terminate.