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Cutting Edge Journalism

From CTV…

Yes, it’s another installment of intrepid video reportage from the campaign trail via CTV’s Election2011 channel on YouTube – that now does not allow comments!

Why on earth CTV (and their Globe & Mail subsidiary) posts these inane turds on their respective YouTube channels continues to mystify me. Can anyone provide an explanation? I’m not sure why, but I keep hoping that something illuminating might possibly appear one of these days, but it certainly hasn’t happened thus far.



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Traducing Taber’s Twaddle

Seeing as the Globe & Mail has seen fit to close off its comment section (“for legal reasons”) on Jane Taber’s latest bit of unctuous prattle describing the “10 most endearing politicians of 2009” I thought it might be fitting to allow folks to vent their spleens here if they feel so inclined…

Update: Flaherty’s “Endearing” deficit-reduction plan.


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What’s Not to Like?

Courtesy of the dreaded “liberal mainstream media” herewith is a absolutely charming picture of Michael Ignatieff…

Now, I ask you: Who couldn’t warm up to a face like that? Not to mention the fact that it’s coupled with the fluttering inanities and bitchy “mean girl” cant of Jane Antoinette Taber…

Way to go liberal media!

Update: Scott Feschuk asks whether Jane Taber’s description of Tom Flanagan as “super Tory strategist” means “I’m sorry I had to take a whole day off from saying nice things about Laureen Harper or directly quoting Conservative talking points, so I’m doing this instead…”


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