ManBearPig, Climategate and Watermelons

Nick Gillespie of Reason TV talks with British writer and journalist James Delingpole about his new book Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors.

A self-described conservative libertarian, Delingpole claims that anthropogenic climate change is not as extensive as is widely asserted, and links mainstream scientific projections with “the atavistic impulse which leads generation after generation to believe it is the chosen one: the generation so special that it and it alone will be the one privileged to experience the end of the world; and the generation so egotistical that it imagines itself largely responsible for that imminent destruction.”


Greenland Hearts Global Warming

From Current TV: Global warming is having a greater impact in the Arctic than anywhere else in the world. Greenland, the cold, harsh land that defeated the mighty Vikings is now facing a force that may destroy its defining feature — ice. But while Greenland’s melting ice sheet may mean chaos for the rest of the world, Adam Yamaguchi finds Greenlanders have some surprising reactions to this climatic upheaval.

This is a really fascinating short documentary, if for no other reason than to provide a more robust impression of Greenland than the one more usually imagined; that of a gigantic slab of glacial ice dotted with a handful of remote settlements. It’s also a fair-minded report (at least I found it so) that doesn’t get all preachy about global warming, but simply relates its effects and the ways in which the people of Greenland are responding to it.

Update: Well, isn’t this interesting. I watched it last night, but now it seems that the documentary has… disappeared completely — from YouTube at least. It can still be viewed over at Huffington Post however.


Global Warming is Natural!

Glad to hear that whole bothersome “global warming” eco-nonsense is all over and done with. Thanks for letting us know, Mr. Gunter!

Of course, this is actually nothing new for Gunter, he’s been shouting this in one form or another from the battlements of the Edmonton Journal for the better part of a decade now, starting in 2002 when he proclaimed: “The Earth isn’t warming.” Although he hedged his bets a bit at the time by saying that “If the Earth is warming, it is not necessarily a bad thing” and went on to postulate that “Even if warming is real, there’s a good chance humans are not the cause.”

Last year, he seemed to have a minor crisis of faith, admitting that “For the past century and a half, Earth has been warming,” but compensated by more confidently asserting that mankind has absolutely nothing to do with it (which he knew because of supposed warming on the moons of Jupiter and beyond — a region from which many of his opinions seem to originate, apparently).

Well, Mr. Gunter, if indeed you are absolutely correct that “Global warming’s no longer happening,” then you’d better get on the horn to the “eco types” in the Conservative caucus at the first available opportunity, because they seem to be moving ahead (however lethargically) with a regulatory agenda premised on the notion that you’re full of shit.

p.s. It snowed here in Victoria today.

A New Day for Science?

Finally! After eight long years of benighted sciolism and theocratic quackery under the Bush regime that routinely ignored scientific research and distorted facts to suit its own political ends, Barack Obama named his top science and technology advisers today, pledging to “once again put science at the top of our agenda.”

Naturally, this begs the question of why this same president would want an “officiating priest” (to borrow Hitchen’s description) delivering his invocation who not only doesn’t believe in evolution, but is scientifically clueless.

More to the point here, both Harvard physicist John Holdren and marine biologist Jane Lubchenc are leading experts on climate change who have advocated forceful government response. Holdren will become Obama’s science adviser as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Lubchenco will lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which oversees ocean and atmospheric studies and does much of the government’s research on global warming.

Some colleagues call Holdren one of the smartest people in the world, but critics (of which there are many it seems) have also called him a “crackpot,” a “ranter” and a “doomsayer” amongst other things.