Enough of 9/11 Already!

Arrrrgh. Another maudlin 9/11 commemorative is drawing closer – this time with even more dramatic intensity, being the 10th anniversary of the completely avoidable attacks on the American “homeland” that supposedly “changed everything” (i.e., provided a convenient excuse for the previous U.S. administration to launch two ruinous conflicts on the other side of the world in addition to a ridiculously absurd and heinously expensive “global war on terrorism”).

Surely, I’m not alone in being absolutely fed up with hearing about 9/11… whether it be the endless conspiracy theories concerning the event, the revisionist historical recollections of war criminals like Bush and Cheney, or the fake sentimentality of cynical political hacks like Guiliani (that have profited immensely from the tragedy, btw) trotted out for the occasion, it’s just all become soooo incredibly tiresome.

Update: Speaking of Rudy Guiliani, Lawrence O’Donnell rips “America’s Mayor” a new one in his “Rewrite” segment.


Obama Derangement Syndrome

Rachel Maddow makes the case for why President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this week.

I have to admit that my initial reaction was that it was a somewhat ridiculous gesture, but cast in the light of a “call to action” and, as some have described it, a down-payment on future action (as opposed to any actual achievement or tangible results), it’s perhaps not as absurd or simply contrarian (i.e. “not being George Bush”) as one might first think…

Concerning the ODS referenced in the title of this post, it seems there’s no question whatsoever that critics of Obama have become entrenched in the same psychological trap that reactionary haters of George Bush did in terms of maligning him for absolutely everything no matter what, or viewing him as little short of evil incarnate.

The “Bush Effect”

After having vowed to hang Georgian president Sakashvilli “by the balls,” Putin apparently was talked down by French president Sarkozy who cautioned him by saying, “You don’t want to end up like Bush do you?” To which Putin responded: “Ah, you have scored a point there.”

Speaking of Bush’s lame-duckitude, as reported by the CP, Canadian government officials have had their first face-to-face meeting with Madeleine Albright and Jim Leach, who are representing president-elect Obama at this weekend’s G20 summit.