Lisa Raitt: Blog Death Watch (Day 1)

Here’s something else to keep an eye on. Lisa Raitt is the Conservative candidate in Halton running against the conveniently Liberal incumbent, Garth Turner. Lisa has a “blog” — something that we know because her “cookie cutter” Conservative website has been badly modified to purport as much.

But uh-oh! There’s a slight problem with her so-called “blog” — it doesn’t work. Well, at least that is if commenting on it or interacting in any way is the essential criterion by which we determine what’s meant by that blogalicious term. As Canadian Cynic has previously observed, it didn’t allow any comments at all. Each post (called an “article” here) indicated that “comments are closed” — not that they were ever open.

A subtle change has taken place since then however. Shazam! Now, at the bottom of each post, it says: “No comments so far.” Below that is a hyperlink indicating “No comments.” A bit of a mixed message — at once inviting and prohibitive. When the link is clicked on, it simply takes you back up to the top of the page — a bad layout that offers up a lot of white space forcing the reader to scroll back down to even read the “article.” And again, no comments.

Cynic has launched a “comment watch” to see “how long it takes for CPoC candidate and hermetically-sealed douchebag Lisa Raitt to finally open up her blog for public comments.”

Here at RT3.0 we’re placing our bets on a complete “disappearance” of the blog for one reason or another before being opened to any kind of input from the rabble in the way the Garth subjects himself to public input (whether it be bouquets or brickbats) over at his place day in and day out.

Update: Some obvious corrections made and a new graphic added. I’ll change it and re-post a new one every day the comments aren’t open to public input. Also, we note that the status has changed back to “comments are off”…

Update2: Hey Lisa… Not that you’re probably in the least bit interested, but THIS is how it’s supposed to be done.


You’re Welcome

Heh. That Garth — what a scoundrel.

If he’d asked me, I would have given him a better version. Silly man.

Update: Instead, he’s now changed the picture to something completely different. Can you say “douche”? I know you can…