The Douchebaggery of Zygotes


I don’t often delve into the raging culture wars about abortion/reproductive rights that are enthusiastically engaged in by numerous other blogs, but I did find this post highly amusing:

The votes are in, and 9 out of 10 fetuses prefer defrocked Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to President Barack Obama, according to RenewAmerica. In his weekly column, Reverend Michael Bresciani, who speaks fluent blastocyte, randomly samples a series of wombs, and reports that while Obama remains popular among America’s post-born youth, he enjoys far less support from members of the intrauterine electorate.

If nothing else, it’s worthwhile for coining the expressions “fluent blastocyte” and “intrauterine electorate.”


Above & Beyond Obama’s “Pay Grade”

In another one of the “defining moments” from last weekend’s Saddleback forum (and yes, I promise this will be the last post on it), Pastor Warren asked each of the candidates “At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?”

Atrios cutely reframes the question by recalling Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s response to a similar query posed by Tim Russert on Meet The Press some years ago: “What are you asking? When does an embryo become ensouled?” Now that would have been a sharp comeback!

Unfortunately, Obama felt compelled to first point out the difference of opinion that exists depending on whether one was “looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective” (which led to the “pay grade” remark) and then launched into a rambling, err “thoughtful” discussion about the “moral and ethical dimensions” of the abortion issue.

Personally, I thought his response was just fine, if a little windy, but it was generally panned by the pundits and of course it most certainly didn’t go over well with the mainly evangelical audience. Many right-wing bloggers immediately seized on his remark that bringing specificity to the question of when life begins was “above my pay grade” — presumably because they viewed this as a craven abdication of responsibility, or maybe due to their inability to comprehend the notion that anything could possibly fall outside the ambit of presidential authority.

By contrast, McCain’s terse response to the question was, quite simply: “At the moment of conception.” Well, that’s just fine as a matter of religious dogma I suppose, but as Duncan points out:

Believe what you want, but the important question for politicians is how such things get translated into… policy. And when McCain says he believes life begins at conception (cheer!) it’s pretty meaningless unless he’s asked to explain how that would be translated into policy. Are blastocysts entitled to child support? Do all late periods need to be reported to the Ministry of Health? And, of course, my favorite: Are those who implant multiple embryos during IVF treatments, knowing full well that most will die, guilty of negligent manslaughter?

Most excellent questions and perhaps ones that should be kept in mind for future reference when dealing with our own home-grown fundamentalists and “fetus-fetishists” (you know WHO THEY ARE) in their neverending and utterly tiresome efforts to roll back the clock and have women’s reproductive rights curtailed or rescinded altogether in the name of God®.

Ready, Aim, Backfire!

Earlier in the week, a gaggle of outraged “conservative Christians” signed the letter of complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council, the body responsible for overseeing the conduct of federally appointed judges, demanding that Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin be removed from her post for her role in awarding the Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

One slight problem. Justice McLachlin purposely didn’t cast a vote at the committee meeting where his name was proposed as a recipient. In fact, McLaclin’s policy isn’t to vote at all for or against a particular name if she can possibly avoid doing so. She’s reputed to have once done so to break a tie, but doesn’t have any recollection of it.

One wonders why these over-zealous buffoons didn’t check to verify this before launching their effort to impeach the Chief Justice, rather than simply assuming what they believed to be true. Oops. I think I just answered my own question.

The Conservative Cognoscenti

Former glue-sniffer, thief, and rent boy turned stark raving mad evangelical campaigner against homosexuality and abortion, Bill Whatcott, making a highly dignified guest appearance on Stephen Taylor’s “Blogging Tories” Forum — where the cognoscenti of the Canadian Conservative movement meet and greet online, don’t you know?

I got an image of the Order of Canada, crapped on it, wrapped it up and mailed it to the Governor General to communicate my utter contempt of her office, her arrogance, her anti-Christian/anti-life bigotry and the now corrupted and irrelevant Order of Canada in general.

This was Whatcott’s chosen form of “protest” to Dr. Henry Morgantaler’s recent appointment to the Order of Canada, the ranks of which, according to Whatcott, are disproportionately filled with “leftist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-authentic Christian, types.”

Makes me relieved to say that I am not, nor will I EVER have anything to do with this iteration of the Conservative Party that welcomes and condones these kinds of people as active supporters.

Update: Funnily enough, within mere minutes of posting this, Whatcott’s post suddenly “disappeared” — Poof! A complete coincidence, I’m sure. Whatever the case, good riddance.