OMG! We’re All Al Queda Now…

Based on the intrepid investigative efforts of Fox News and Liz Cheney’s tax-exempt “Keep America Scared Shitless Safe” political action committee, extreme radical liberal MSNBC TV host “Rachel Bin Maddow” exposes the pervasive activities of a nefarious terrorist sleeper cell that’s alleged to have infiltrated all aspects of the American government and mainstream media.

I suggest that Liz Cheney and her cardiac-challenged father, former shadow-President “Dick” Cheney be immediately transported to Gitmo and ruthlessly interrogated with “enhanced methods” of questioning (which are not torture!) until such time as they fully disclose every detail of exactly what they knew and precisely when they knew it regarding this latest terrorist conspiracy.


Cheney & The GOP: Masters of Disaster

Rachel Maddow resoundingly demolishes the Republican’s lying, hypocritical douchebaggery in response to last week’s attempted terror attack.

As for Dick Cheney’s latest mendacious tirade, perhaps this recent piece from James Fallows says it best: “The former vice president, Dick Cheney, has brought dishonor to himself, his office, and his country. I am not aware of a case of a former President or Vice President behaving as despicably as Cheney has done in the ten months since leaving power…. Cheney has acted as if utterly unconcerned with the welfare of his country, its armed forces, or the people now trying to make difficult decisions. He has put narrow score-settling interest far, far above national interest.”

Why the right-wing continues to venerate this utterly disgraceful coward, completely escapes me.

Political Tourettes Update: On yesterday’s Ed Show Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) delivered a stinging rebuke and challenge to Cheney.

So come on Dick, man up and debate Massa on Fox or wherever. I’m sure lots of folks would pay to see that contest.

Cheney: “A Man Who Frightens Easily”

Granted that Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration since leaving the State Department in 2005, but his assessment of Dick Cheney and the general fear mongering of the Bush administration in the post 9/11 environment is pretty insightful.

“Vice-President Cheney is a man who frightens easily. All you have to do is go back to his five deferments during the Vietnam conflict, his behaviour post 9/11, undisclosed locations and so forth.”

On a related note, here’s a great discussion with Bruce Fein of the American Freedom Agenda discussing the obligations of President Obama under the Constitution with regards to the torture issue.

Rummy Redux: “Stuff Happens”

During an interview with Dick Cheney this morning, CNN’s John King asked the former vice president why “we should listen to you” for economic advice. Responding to a litany of failure expressed in statistical changes that occurred under the Bush/Cheney administration, Cheney responded that there’s “all kinds of arguments that could be made,” but he emphasized that there is “something more important than” the specific numbers King cited; namely, 9/11.

Cheney argued the Bush administration had to spend (without paying for it) because it went into “wartime mode.” Cheney also referenced the need to spend money after the Katrina disaster: “All of these things required us to spend money that we had not originally planned to spend or weren’t originally part of the budget. Stuff happens. And the administration has to be able to respond to that, and we did.”

Well, at least he didn’t contemptuously respond with “So what?” this time, but the effect isn’t all that much better.

Countdown: Polischticks

When the American Museum of Fly Fishing hooked Dick Cheney (whose Secret Service code name was “Angler” by the way) for a fund-raising dinner, critics howled that they should throw him back.

“The entire fly fishing community is appalled and disgusted,” said Ted Williams, conservation editor at Fly Rod & Reel magazine. “We all need money, but to apply green lipstick to this Darth Vader of fish and wildlife is whoring – it’s grotesque. It’s as if the Holocaust museum held a dinner to honor Klaus Barbie.”

Steve Wright, a former commissioner of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, blasted the invitation, calling Cheney “one of the great enemies of healthy fish and wildlife conservation in the U.S. over the last eight years.”

Who Knew He Had One?

Sorry, but that’s always the first thing that pops into my evil head whenever I see one of these stories about Cheney’s latest heart “incidents” or whatever they’re calling them this year.

What, isn’t this like the sixth or seventh time that Dr. Evil has been whisked off to the local hospital to have stents implanted or, as in this case, for a procedure to “restore his normal rhythm.” So, what is the “normal rhythm” of a cold-blooded reptile anyway, one immediately wonders.

And maybe it’s just me, but I find it more than a little amusing that his cardiac surgeon, when describing the process of atrial fibrillation in layman’s terms, analogized Cheney’s quivering heart to a bag full of worms. Expect to see that on The Daily Show or Letterman, I’d wager.