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That’s the title of the Liberals’ scary negative attack ad, as seen here:

Doesn’t quite sync up with Ignatieff’s message on the stump that “it is time to say ‘Enough is enough.’ Enough of the politics of fear. Enough of the politics of division. Enough of the politics of personal destruction.”



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Morbidly interesting footage of Harper adviser and “lobbyist” Bruce Carson being interviewed by APTN reporters earlier this month about his sleazy business and personal affairs.

“My children are going to watch this for fucksake,” Carson pleads at one point when the conversation turned to talk of his escort “fiancée” who stood to profit handsomely from the proposed deal to sell water filtration units to native tribes.

At the 9 minute mark, Carson is informed by the reporters that the boyfriend of his “business partner” has been living at his love-shack outside Ottawa and driving his cars when he’s not around and that the two of them plan to cut him out of the deal once he’s of no more use in furthering their interests.

It’s quite pathetic, actually.


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2008 “Golden Duke” Award Nominees

A review of TPM’s esteemed picks for this coveted award celebrating the absolute worst facets of mainstream American politics.

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25 Most Financially Corrupt Politicians

Olbermann takes a romp through the storied annals of America’s long and bribe-filled past.


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The Day in 100 Bleepin’ Seconds

The attorney for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said the governor will be vindicated and he has no plans to resign. “He didn’t do anything wrong,” attorney Sheldon Sorosky told reporters after Blagojevich was arraigned. Un-bleepin’-believable.

Meanwhile, from the angry far right lunatic fringe, comes the inevitable movement to impeach Obama — before he’s even been inaugurated!

Update: John Dickerson at Slate about those pesky “questions” some people feel need to be answered. “The second part of Obama’s answer was so vague as to be nearly meaningless. ‘I was not aware of what was happening’ can mean anything you want it to. It can mean you weren’t aware of anything relating to the Senate seat, or that you weren’t aware the governor was trying to sell the Senate seat, or that you weren’t aware the governor was under federal investigation for trying to sell the Senate seat. Or it could mean you were not aware that Blagojevich was using hairspray (or not, as the case may be).”

Update2: Obama calls on Blagojevich to resign.


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The Bitter End


“It’s laissez-faire until you get in deep shit.”

For those seeking to gain some insight and understanding about the subprime mess and how the wanton misallocation of capital by Wall Street has resulted in the current financial crisis, Michael Lewis (a former stock trader and author of Liars Poker) has a fascinating article at Portfilio.com. It’s quite a revealing exposé into the greed and fantastic cynicism (not to mention cluelessness) of Wall Street financiers over the past several years.


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