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Dirty Deeds…

Apparently not done dirt cheap. In fact, as the Postmedia reporter indicates, whoever was responsible for attempting to suppress the vote for the benefit of the Conservative candidates in tightly contested ridings required money, organization and voters lists. Doesn’t exactly sound like a formula for some obscure “rogue” now does it?

In addition to this story of bogus “robocalls” misdirecting unwitting Liberal/NDP voters to the wrong polling station (a time-worn dirty trick in U.S. politics) come revelations of another campaign of deceit whereby certain groups of voters were apparently targeted by miscreants (presumably Conservative operatives) posing as Liberal volunteers who would phone repeatedly during the supper hour, late at night, or on the Sabbath in the case of Jewish voters, and then act rudely on the phone in an effort to annoy and alienate those targeted by the calls.



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Irony, Thy Name is “liberty4canada”

Another HarperCon hypocrite going under the name “liberty4canada” that simply can’t help ruthlessly stamping out any expression of critical dissent or opposition…

I’m not sure what exactly “liberty” means in the twisted, Orwellian lexicon of some so-called “Conservatives”… Whatever it may be, it certainly makes me wonder what other fundamental concepts like “free speech” that are commonly associated with liberty they don’t quite fully grasp in Bizzarro Harper World.

By the way, just for the record, my comment wasn’t offensive or profane. As best I recall, it went like this: “Is that the best attack you can mount? How desperately pathetic.”

p.s. Nardwuar is an annoying twat. No wonder Ignatieff didn’t “get it” (whatever “it” may be).


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Attack of the Boy Toy

Oops. Sorry, that’s ToryBoy (to be precise, “ToryBoy1” — not to be confused with ToryBoyX573). Anyway, here’s the latest boffo attack ad from the Harper’s brainacs at Dooche Central:

Oooooo… pretty scary, boys and girls. Thunderous, plodding music. Owooooo! Quotes taken out of context from 2½ years ago!!! And a headline from CBC News from a year ago speculating that the Liberals might raise the GST back up to the level it was when the economy was riding high before the Conservatives drove it into a wall! And all the while, money just flying out of your poor wallet. That is YOUR wallet isn’t it, Mr. and/or Mrs. “Average” Canadian? I mean you are white and married with two kids, right?

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives: Because playing politics is so much more fun than mismanaging the economy!


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Jason Kenney vs. The Facts

A member of the War Resisters Support Campaign questions Immigration Douchebag Minister Jason Kenney regarding the government’s deportation of U.S. Iraq war resisters as he exits a press conference at the Sheraton Centre in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Flouting a motion passed in Parliament last summer calling on Canada to let war resisters stay and stop the deportations, the Harper government is nonetheless moving to deport to jail a mother of three, Kim Rivera, whose claim for refugee status Jason Kenney calls “bogus”…


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Celestial Slime


It seems that Junky Paul’s Islamophobic outrage at the decision by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to prosecute the controversial right-wing politician Geert Wilders for the incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims in that country is so boundless that he sees fit to disparage all people of the Netherlands:

The Dutch were notorious during WW2 for rolling over and playing dead when the Nazis came calling. Sure, they were a tiny little country full of pretty girls with wooden shoes and handsome men more adept at making pancakes than war.

The facts of the matter of course are completely different from Paul’s delusional, cartoon version of history.

For two and a half hours the Germans kept bombing the city. From twelve o’clock noon until two-thirty a relentless rain of death poured from the skies. After the bombing was over, more than 26,000 buildings lay in wreckage. Nearly 25,000 men, women and children lay dead in the street or buried under the masses of rubble. Eyewitnesses who escaped from Rotterdam reported that even after streets had been cleared of their heaps of dead, there was still an average of 1,800 bodies a day being dragged from the ruins for a period of seven days. That the Germans were trying to wash the blood strains of guilt from their hands was proved by the tight censorship they placed on the graveyard city. The green-clad Dutch troops, who had stood throughout the bombing with their feeble rifles pointed at the skies, watched a city with a population of nearly 600,000 become a flaming furnace. Many of the Dutch soldiers around the city of Rotterdam wept as they surrendered to the Germans. Holland’s combined armed forces, estimated at about 400,000 men [ed. which was mostly fighting with weaponry made before 1900], were hardly able to stem the German mass attacks of armored columns and airplanes. What the Germans had planned for an invasion in one day for Holland took them five days against some determined, stubborn Dutch people.

Paul then goes on to level the following loathsome smear against the Dutch:

But, they didn’t have to deliver their Jews up for slaughter, outdoing even the yellow French in providing the Nazis with lots of “Cyclon B” victims.

Again, the facts speak otherwise (emphasis added):

Shortly after it was established, the military regime began to persecute the Jews of the Netherlands. In 1940, there were no deportations and only small measures were taken against the Jews. In February 1941, the Nazis deported a small group of Dutch Jews to the concentration camp Mauthausen. The Dutch reacted with the February strike as a nationwide protest against the deportations, unique in the history of Nazi-occupied Europe. Although the strike did not accomplish much—its leaders were executed—it was a major setback for Seyss-Inquart as he had planned to both deport the Jews and to win the Dutch over to the Nazi cause. As a reaction to the February strike, the Nazis installed that same month a Jewish Council: a board of Jews who served as an instrument for organising the identification and deportation of Jews more efficiently, while the Jews on the council were told and convinced they were helping the Jews.

Utterly disgusting, but I suppose the vile nonsense spewed by “Paul” (if that’s his name), shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, when did telling anything approximating the truth ever matter to the more asinine faction of the Blogging Tossers Tories?


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“Stéphane Dion is a Doo-Doo-Head!”

Hey kids, Stephen Harper wants to help YOU libel, defame and assassinate the character of Liberal leader Stéphane Dion!

Never mind all that mushy crapola about the “straight up guy” in the blue sweater-vest being a congenial “family man”… that’s so fucking yesterday. Now, the Dear Leader is getting down to the serious business of “crushing” the Liberals and for starters, he wants your help destroying the personal reputation and integrity of his political opponent.

How can you help out in this ambitious endeavour, you ask? Why, it couldn’t be easier! Just go here to create your very own lying, smearing, bullshit-laden negative ad. In your “personalized” defamatory ad, the Conservatives give you the option to say that Stéphane Dion: can’t relate to Canadians; can’t change; couldn’t balance a cheque book; thinks he’s your hero; wants to bring the Taliban to Canada; is a decorated seabird enthusiast; can’t set priorities; has no solutions, can’t even change a lightbulb; thinks he’s influential; and eats his hot dog with a knife and fork. Imagine! He’s downright un-Canadian! And a traitor who would sell out our country to the Taliban!

While you’re at the site, enjoy some of its other features, such as finding out how Stéphane Dion is a “weak leader” by re-enacting the 2006 Liberal Party leadership debates in a video game format where you can take quotes completely out of context for malicious fun, or discover more about the “out of touch professor who ‘has shown little ability to relate to Canadians on almost any level’ according to the Globe & Mail.” In this cute feature you’ll learn that Dion will: Cost you more; is soft on crime; is full of himself; and doesn’t get Quebec.

“Miss an important meeting? Went out with friend instead of going home for dinner? Don’t worry, Stéphane Dion is here to help,” the Con website says. “Time and time again when asked to take responsibility for his action Dion has had an excuse at the ready. And now you can harness his questionable talent to get yourself out of a jam with the Dion Excuse Generator. Don’t avoid responsibility without it!” Sample reasons include: I didn’t get it done; I wasn’t at the meeting; I missed dinner; I forgot to pick up the drycleaning; I didn’t pay the heating bill on time; I lost Outremont to the NDP.

This is just scratching the surface of the mountain of slime and negativity that even extends to attacking progressive bloggers personally. Now what was it that Conservative supporters were saying the other day? Oh yes, “when they go negative, it shows how desperate they are…” Uh-huh.

Update: Dippers, it seems quite like the site, at least if this fellow is in any way representative. He finds it “humourous” while also noting that “In an election where as much time, effort, and money as possible is needed to get valuable votes, notaleader.ca seem to be a waste of all three.” NBC Dipper also points the way to the Liberals’ “Scandalpedia” (something I wasn’t aware of), a Wiki that bills itself as “the free encyclopedia of Conservative scandals,” which unfortunately, he finds “kinda dry and boring.”

Update2: Over at My Blahg, Bob has a rather unique take on the campaign thus far. “So it’s Pappy Steve versus Grizzly Dion versus Barack Layton. Maybe the reason Lizzy Nader can’t get into the debates is because she hasn’t adopted a campaign persona. I bet if she rebranded herself as… Oh, I don’t know, lets say a hockey mom, the path to the vice presidency would be hers to walk… or skate along even.”

Update3: Some other reactions… Steve V. at Far & Wide derides the juvenile nature of the site describing it as the work of “those crazy kids.” He also points out the employment of an “angry little guy in the corner, holding a semi-automatic” which leads to a video of Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff from his days as a journalist in central Europe — not quite sure what the point being made is, guns kill people… or something.

Impolitical is similarly dismissive of the antics of “Conservative wonder boys” (and has a screen-grab of the pooping puffin). I’m leaving out a lot, but they seem to follow the same lines.

Update4: Welcome “Empire of Dirt” readers! (I just love that name!)


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