From Puppy Dogs to Perry

Rachel Maddow pokes fun at claims made by insane religious kook Cindy Jacobs that, as a direct result of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s repeated calls for mass prayer, “the land is starting to rejoice.”

Never mind the unremitting persistence of a record-breaking drought in Texas or the recent spread of wildfires across parts of the state shortly following Perry’s stadium prayer event… Nope, for Jacobs, “proof” of its efficacy can be determined from the supposed lifting of the cannibal curses of indigenous peoples that had apparently long been troubling the churches of south Texas.

Meanwhile, over at the Sun “News” network, host Michael Coren is currently taking righteous umbrage at those who mock Christianity…


God’s Answer

It’s hard not to watch this without thinking that it must be a parody of some kind (especially given that Cindy Jacobs looks and sounds strikingly like the Jerri Blank character played by Amy Sedaris in Strangers with Candy); but no, in fact, this is a legitimate Christian nutjob from Texas who describes herself as “respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations.” Sheesh! There’s a frightening thought…

So, there you have the explanation for the recent mysterious death of red-winged blackbirds and drum fish in Arkansas — God, in His infinite wisdom, smite them as punishment for the repeal of DADT. What could be more perfectly logical than that?