Chris Christie Answers Questions…

Following his speech about American Exceptionalism at the Reagan Presidential Library in California last night, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie answered questions from the audience, most of which (predictably) concerned speculation about him possibly running to the U.S. President in 2012.

Spoiler Alert: The answer was a definitive NO.

Despite Christie being the bête noire of the left, I happen to really like this guy and think he could potentially be an effective president – someday. Presuming, of course, that he doesn’t suffer a cardiac arrest in the meantime!

In many ways Christie reminds me of London mayor Boris Johnson (another figure widely despised by the left) in terms of being a “straight-shooter” – which sounds corny, but is applicable in this case and such a refreshing change from the vast majority of politicians.


Paxo v. Boris

Jeremy Paxman’s interview with London Mayor Boris Johnson on yesterday’s Newsnight program:

What promised at the outset to be a testy confrontation over Johnson’s controversial support of City bankers turned into a surprisingly amiable discussion about the lost morality of capitalism.

Johnson criticized Britain’s financial sector for failing to give more, arguing that it should be showing “much more commitment” to society. “It’s quite incredible to me that people can walk away with multimillion bonuses and not understand that what people want to see is them doing what the great titans did in the Victorian era,” he said.

By the way, here’s Business Secretary Vince Cable’s joke about bankers:

There are two corpses on the motorway — a dead cat and a dead banker. What’s the difference? There are skid marks in front of the cat.

More wickedly malicious banker jokes here.

Palin, M. (Silly Party) for President

If only…

Speaking of silly politicians, let’s see what London Mayor Boris Johnston is up to these days. Here, he describes the essential difference between the British and the French.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone like that in Canadian politics to relieve in insufferable dullness of it all?