And Then There Were… Three?

With the announcements the other day that Martha Hall Findley and Denis Coderre won’t be entering the leadership fray, and the statement from Gerard Kennedy expected today confirming that he also won’t be running, it seems to be coming down to a three way race between Rae, Ignatieff and LeBlanc.

Speaking of the latter, LeBlanc has an editorial out today in Macleans outlining in a very preliminary way his “vision” for rebuilding the Liberal Party, something that he feels will require a “giant stride” in order to reconnect with voters:

Other political movements have faced similar moments of challenge. In the early 1990s, Britain’s New Labour remade itself, as did Bill Clinton’s Democrats. Today, of course, the example of Barack Obama inspires us all. In each case, success was built on two foundations. First, they reconnected their parties with the political centre. Second, they turned to a new and younger generation to lead the way. And they won.

Just as it fell to those in other countries in their time, so it now falls to a new generation of Liberals to do the same here. To unequivocally commit ourselves to a new path and a new attitude. To rebuild our party and regain government from Stephen Harper by the time of the next election.

So does the Liberal Party need “generational change”… is that really the problem?

Danny Williams?

It’s hard to tell whether Stephen LeDrew is being serious here, but I have to admit the same thought has crossed my mind:

All observers agree that the next Liberal leader must be savvy, experienced, quick on his or her feet, gutsy and able to beat Stephen Harper. All of the above individuals have varying degrees of the credentials required, but one politician who no one has considered so far could really juice up the race.

So come on down, Danny Williams! As they say on the Rock, “My son, we loves ya.” You always knew when you were beating up Prime Minister Harper that you were just practicing for the big time. And you were wildly successful in clearing Newfoundland and Labrador of every Tory.

It would be highly amusing, if nothing else.

Update: Seeing as the conversation seems to have turned to Bob Rae for some reason, here he makes his intent to run for the leadership clear (as opposed to the story that appeared in the Globe & Mail the other day).

He dismissed the report of being hesitant as “totally false” and said in an e-mail to The Globe: “This whisper crap has to be brought to an end.”

One of his key supporters attributed the rumours to other candidates and their backers, specifically New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc.

Such fun.

Dangerously Risky Rae Days

Here’s a negative web attack ad from the Conservatives. Well, at least I assume they’re responsible for this effort as the production values seem a bit too slick for an amateur job, although it’s not authorized and doesn’t mention the Conservatives by name.

Is it possible that the ad was made by “Lisa” the “23 year old animation student living in Canada” who had to “make a youtube channel for class” and only joined YouTube yesterday? Her sole other video is a Carrie Bradshaw interview, but maybe that’s just there to throw people off and give it the look of verismilitude. I love the faux innocent comment that accompanies the video:

Stephane Dion has a new policy advisor: Bob Rae! Yes. That Bob Rae.

My parents hated Bob Rae when I was a kid and I couldn’t believe it when my dad called to tell me he was now helping the Liberals.

I dunno, does that sound a little contrived, or am I just being overly conspiratorial here?

Whatever the case, it’s quite the hit job. I especially like the almost subliminal whispering of “dangerous” and “risky” in the background (listen very carefully) which are then more forthrightly announced at the end. Anyway as “Lisa” would say “Toodles!”