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Après Hiatus

Apologies to readers for being MIA from the blog for the past month or so, and especially to anyone that had their comments hung up in the dreaded spam filter awaiting moderation. Work has been consuming almost all my time of late, forcing me to crowd out personal distractions such as blogging, but I can no longer stand the self-imposed discipline, so I’ll try to resume posting on a more regular basis.



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Manitoba Avenue

It’s been quite a long while since I posted anything on this blog even though a great deal of events have transpired since then. On a personal level, I’ve pulled up roots for the umpteenth time and moved cross-country, landing this past summer in Winnipeg — a city to which the expression “of all places” undeservedly appends itself perhaps more than it should.

Having deserted this forum so abruptly countless months ago without any explanation, it’s hard to know how best to return and start things up again.

Eschewing blithering, heartfelt apologies and lengthy excuses for being hopelessly MIA, maybe its best to simply plunge directly back into the flow of events…

So here’s a screengrab from the local CBC newscast of the house next door to mine catching fire the other night. My place is the brick building on the right.


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