Assholes Conservatives for Patient’s Rights, the well-funded astrotruf group run by disgraced former Columbia/HCA executive Rick Scott (who was ousted from the company that was subsequently fined a record $1.5 billion for Medicare fraud) will be running commercials in the Boston area with the intention of “dogging” President Obama during his week-long vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while also redoubling their efforts to foment outrage against the public option at town halls across the country.

President Bush of course made 149 visits to Camp David (487 days) and 77 to his “ranch” in Crawford (490 days) during his presidency. In other words, he spent fully one-third of his entire time in office on “vacation” (usually described otherwise in the media).


Stealth Campaigning

You have to be amazed (if not even somewhat impressed in a perverse fashion) at the galling duplicity of corporate interests that officially claim to support legislation that would reform their industry or help contribute to solving global environmental issues, while on the other hand funding stealth “grassroots” organizations to vocally and angrily protest against those very same initiatives.

The second part of the video can be seen here.

Joe the Union Basher

Or should I say, Joe the Itinerant Whore? Apparently, the ubiquitous Mr. Wurzelbacher now been recruited by Americans for Prosperity, an anti-union, right-wing astroturf group to speak out against the evils of the Employee Free Choice Act. Good gravy, the man isn’t even a certified plumber!

Americans for Prosperity bills itself as a grassroots organization that is committed to engaging “citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels.” From 2003-2006, Americans for Prosperity received almost $1.2 million from conservative foundations, primarily one of the infamous Koch Family Foundations, the same group behind the Cato Institute.

208 Helens Agree…

Well, notwithstanding keen promotion by kooky right-wing blogs and even a prominent advert on the National Newswatch news aggregator, the petition associated with the disingenuous “grassroots” movement to “STOP the Carbon Tax!” (sorry, I won’t link to it) launched by Guelph Conservative party activist Barry Osmond, has so far only managed to attract slightly more than 200 signatures. Excuse me for being thoroughly underwhelmed.

It’s noted that the petition to “Save Polaroid Film!!!” currently has 23,750 signatures and, at 396 names, even the one titled “Do not eat Filipinos!” is almost double Mr. Osmond’s pathetic outing.

Anti-Green Shift Astroturfing

Let’s see what “average Guelphite” Barry Osmond is
up to these days, shall we?

That name might ring a bell with some of you from the indignant letter he wrote to the Guelph Mercury on August 2nd regarding all of the negative sniping by Liberal supporters at Gloria “MIA” Kovach, including “implying she’s just a Stephen Harper sock puppet.” Apparently, Mr. Osmond doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “imply” but whatever.

The next day, Progressive Blogger “Skinny Dipper” speculated that Mr. Osmond might actually be the “Blogging Tory” that posts anonymously as “Christian Conservative” because of the distinct similarity of wording used in the letter to the editor and a blog post by the redeemed one also whinging about the negative attacks on Kovach. That would appear not to be the case, but one never knows for sure about these things.

Be that as it may, Skinny also wondered whether Mr. Osmond was, rather than just an average citizen, perhaps a Conservative partisan based on the strength of his name appearing as the contact on an invitation to 2007 Conservative Party fundraising dinner ostensibly celebrating the birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald featuring Preston Manning as the guest speaker. Perhaps so.

Now, it seems that Mr. Osmond has launched a website called “Stop the Carbon Tax” that another “Blogging Tory,” the pseudo-conservative pundit and Sun Media hack Gerry Nicholls promoted on his blog yesterday this way: “Grassroots opposition to the Liberal Carbon Tax is growing as evidenced by this cool new site” which linked to Osmond’s site. Yeah, right… “evidence” of “grassroots opposition” — from Conservative party operatives masquerading as average citizens. Cool? Try pathetic.

Update: Jeff Davidson has brought the picture above to our attention. “Average citizen” Barry Osmond is part of “Team Kovach” — he’s the one without boobs.