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“Invented People”

Some may be familiar by now with controversial remarks made to an obscure Jewish cable TV channel last week by current Republican frontrunner Newt Gringrich while desperately trolling for the wingnut evangelical vote in Iowa, declaring that Palestinians are “an invented people” – essentially, nothing but a deceitful, illegitimate fabrication of the pernicious “liberal media”… Or something along those lines.

As I understand the crux of Newt’s argument, it’s that “Palestine” never existed as an independent nation-state, but was only a vague regional sub-set of the Ottoman Empire populated by generic “Arabs” with no particular ties or rights to the land they happened to inhabit and reside in at the time the Ottoman hegemony collapsed after WWI and the area in question was carved up by Britain and France… Therefore, they have no legitimate standing as a distinct group of people.

Some Christian commenters sympathetic to the Zionist cause have further embellished Newt’s assertion by selectively mining the etymology of the word “Palestinian” to purport that this refers to “Land of the Philistines” (a derogative slur they claim was attributed to the region by the Roman Emperor Hadrian) and therefore, according to some convoluted logical leaps and bounds, as the current residents of the area are not ancient “Philistines” then they must ipso facto, ergo sum be “invented”… QED.

According to this same standard, I’m curious as to what other people may have been arbitrarily “invented”… Americans, for example. Or for that matter the “English” or the “French”… For goodness sake, at some point or other, isn’t just about anybody part of an “invented people” in some respect?



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Obama @ AIPAC

For the benefit of historical ignoramuses and other folks in Wingnuttia that went completely apeshit in reaction to his speech about the Middle East earlier this week, President Obama attempts to explain – v e r y
s l o w l y – what he had actually said.

The American negotiating position that Obama articulated in his speech on Thursday was in no significant way different from that of previous administrations, so I’ll leave it to readers to smartly deduce what might conceivably have provoked such a viciously hostile reaction.


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Time to End Foreign Welfare

The question on this afternoon’s edition of “The Cafferty File” segment of CNN’s The Situation Room program was an especially provocative one; asking if, in light of the blatantly insulting snub by the reactionary government of Benjamin Netanyahu when Vice-President Biden recently visited that country, it was perhaps “time for the U.S. to get tough on Israel”

Not that it will ever do so given the entrenched power of the influential pro-Israel lobby (e.g., AIPAC and so on) in Washington, but maybe now would be a good time to revisit the idea of funneling countless billions of dollars each and every year to supposedly “friendly” client-states around the world.

Considering the heinous insolvency of the U.S. these days, wouldn’t it be prudent to critically re-assess the value of maintaining a far-flung global empire comprising more than 700 military bases scattered about all corners of the planet and backstopping truculent, nettlesome “allies” like Israel or repressive autocratic fiefdoms such as Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia?


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