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“Obock Obama”

Wearing a matching sweater vest, Foster Friess, the billionaire investor backing Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum’s frothy campaign to be Theocrat-in-Chief of the Free World, introduces his pet candidate at CPAC 2012:

After opening with a mildly amusing (albeit implausible) joke at the expense of Mitt Romney, Friess goes on to observe that rather than supporting hackneyed old political warhorses as the Republicans have too-often done in the recent past, Democrats have won presidential elections by bringing “fresh faces” like Carter and Clinton “from out nowhere”… A fair enough comment perhaps, but then he goes on to add, “they bring Oback Obama from beyond nowhere.”

So where exactly is “beyond nowhere”… Chicago, Hawaii – Kenya, perhaps? And how utterly puerile is it that this high-rolling billionaire doesn’t see fit to call the President of the United States by his proper name, but instead deliberately mangles it for comic effect?


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Batshit Crazy Festival 2012: aka CPAC

Only in America could there be such an event as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – an annual gathering in Washington where nearly 10,000 angry white men and fiercely intolerant women come to hear a bizarre assortment of raving mad lunatics speak to their deepest prejudices, phobias and collective fears.

Update: CPAC closed out their first day with a “conservative comedian” (almost by definition an oxymoron) stalking the stage, angrily railing on about the evils of car safety measures like seat belts and airbags.


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Def: The frothy mix of media hype and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of non-binding Republican primary victories.

How sad is it that a moronic theocrat like Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum is viewed by a majority of Republican primary voters in the heartland of America as a preferable alternative to the “perfectly lubricated weather vane” that is Willard “Mitt” Romney?

And again… where were all the Ron Paul supporters? I thought they were supposed to prevail in these caucus states, what with their rabid grassroots enthusiasm and all. Maybe they were too busy getting stoned and spinning wild anti-Zionist/NWO conspiracy theories on internet forums to actually get out and… you know, vote.


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Halftime in America

It seems Wingnuttia is in a furious tizzy over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad:

Former Bush “brain” Karl Rove, now a Fox “News” contributor resembling a large ham with glasses, paragon of moral integrity, and founder of a super-secret PAC funded by a handful of evil billionaires, said he was “offended” by the advertisement, calling it an example of Obama’s “Chicago-style politics” (whatever that means – something “thuggish” and borderline criminal, apparently).

The ad also came under attack from kerning dweebs of the right-wing after it emerged that it wasn’t actually filmed in Detroit – but in New Orleans and Los Angeles! Well, there you go… the entire message of the ad was completely demolished with that shocking revelation.


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Who is Saul Alinsky?

Nice to see Chris Matthews (and others) tackle Newt Gringrich’s puzzling obsession with Saul Alinsky. Turns out, just like so many other weird fixations of the deranged right-wing, to be a classic case of projection.

Bill Maher also defused the mainstreaming of this curiously demented talking point in his “New Rules” monologue the other day after admitting that he didn’t have a clue who Saul Alinksy was before reading about him earlier in the week on Wikipedia.


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Right-Wing Cat Killers

Jacob Burris, campaign manager for Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden, came home Sunday night to find his family cat dead on the front porch with the word “LIBERAL” written on the carcass.

For some bizarre reason, CNN won’t allow your presumably delicate sensibilities to be offended by the pic (better they suppose you should just vividly imagine it), so here it is:

Far be it for me to draw any connection whatsoever between this incident and the incessant stream of vile, hateful rhetoric that’s been directed towards “liberals” day in and day out for the past 30 years via right-wing media, let alone suggest that the seminal paper Language: A Key Mechanism of Control, penned by none other than Newt Gringrich, may have anything at all to do with it.

In complete fairness, we don’t actually know who committed this crime. Conceivably, it may be a (typically depraved) “liberal” seeking to tarnish the esteemed reputation of right-wing political activists… you know, just like the ones that are immediately determined to be “plants” of the nefarious Left whenever some especially crazed right-wing lunatic goes haywire at a rally or says/does anything utterly reprehensible.


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Only in America!

Quite an appropriate theme song by Toby Keith playing at last night’s victory rally in South Carolina…

Truly it can be said that “Only in America” could a pompous, selfishly scheming, ethically-challenged, morally bankrupt hypocrite like Newt Gingrich – who once grandiosely described himself as “the definer of civilization” – fake yet another religious conversion (like his marriages, for the third time), engage in an ugly campaign of mudslinging, race-baiting and war-mongering (all the while purporting to have a “positive” agenda of “big ideas”)… Then patriotically wrap his bloated corpulence in the flag and claim to be the last best hope the imaginary “American Way” – the defender of its mythical “shining city on a hill,” valiantly preventing its Reaganite golden gates from being stormed by hordes of phantasmal enemies: the media elites, radical liberals, and [insert specific object of your irrational HATE here].

Of course, “Newt the Redeemer” may not have fared quite so well at the ballot in South Carolina had his key opponent not been the “perfectly lubricated” Romneytron-6000; a vacillating, evasive, thoroughly disingenuous humanoid replicant whose bio-mechanical posturing, simulated rhetoric, pandering wingnut subroutines, and otherwise finely-tuned establishment programming repeatedly malfunctioned in staged “debate” scenarios causing the underwhelming Romneybot to lock-up and babble erratically about its ruthlessly calculating leveraged buy-out and tax-dodging activities of past incarnations.


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Fact-Free GOP

The Daily Beast’s John Avalon highlights just two examples of egregious misstatement of fact from last night’s Republican debate.

Sadly, this just barely scratches the surface of the staggering shitpile of demonstrably ridiculous LIES that are routinely delivered to prospective Republican voters on a daily basis. I guess it says a lot about the GOP’s base that pesky “facts” are regarded with such indifference.

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SSM Legal Muddle Resolved!

Nice to see that the Harper Government has moved rapidly to resolve legal confusion over the issue of same-sex marriage. As reported in The Globe & Mail today: “All same sex marriages performed in Canada are legal and the law will be changed to ensure that divorce is readily available to non-residents who were married in the country, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says.”

I wonder if all the indignant liberal folks appearing on TV and fulminating in blogs that have been asserting Harper and the Conservatives were nefariously plotting to undermine gay marriage by stealth utilizing the legal system will now admit they were being completely hysterical and apologize for their baseless allegations?

WARNING: Holding of breath in anticipation of the foregoing may result in fatal outcome.

If anything, Harper should be applauded for the way he and Rob Nicholson deftly handled this situation. After all, it wasn’t exactly something of their making. Moreover, it took a certain degree of moral fortitude for Harper to flatly reject the pleadings of “family values” Christian wingnuts like Charles (Hey, notice how the bogus “Dr.” isn’t used anymore?) McVety and his ilk to reopen the debate over SSM.

Perhaps now we’ll never have to hear of this ridiculous issue ever again. After all, practically everyone but the most insane, fanatically religious fringe of the right-wing is completely over it and could pretty much care less.


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Better Know a Flake

Give it up to the good folks in New Hampshire who last month actually staged a serious 2 hour-long C-SPAN forum for “lesser known candidates” running for President of the United States to broadcast their pitches to hundreds of viewers and answer legitimate questions from the press about government relations, energy, foreign policy and the merits of a pony-based economy…

Most of the flaky Republicans in the first half of the video are eminently forgettable bores; actually just pale imitations of the frontrunners. The real fun is with the Democratic “contenders” scrapping for 1% of the vote in a primary that you probably thought would be won by unanimous acclamation.

Self-described “friendly fascist” Vermin Supreme (that would be the bearded fellow with the giant gumboot on his head) was clearly the most outstanding example of Rhino Party absurdity, with his platform of mandatory dental hygiene and a free pony for every American… Insane “pro-life” homophobe and hateful ranter Randall Terry was equally ridiculous, but not nearly as funny.

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