Canada “Too Dangerous” for Cheney

As reported in local Toronto-area paper The National Post, former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney won’t be appearing any time soon in Canada.

Ryan Ruppert, president of the ironically-named promotions company Spectre Live Corp., which had scheduled an upcoming appearance at the Toronto Convention Centre for Cheney and his loathsome daughter Liz, said the malevolent mass-murderer had cancelled the engagement, citing safety concerns.

“After speaking with their security advisors, they changed their mind on coming to the event,” Ruppert told CTV Network. They “decided it was better for their personal safety they stay out of Canada.”


Disappointed ticket holders for the event can either bring in their tickets for a refund, or go to a replacement talk by inflammatory racist Mark Steyn.


A Few Good Men v. Sheep

A group of military “heroes” in Afghanistan demonstrate their bravery in the field:

There may be some background “context” to this film that could perhaps explain why a group of U.S. Marines elected to kill a bewildered sheep by clubbing it to death with an aluminum baseball bat while laughing and deliriously hooting, but it’s not readily apparent.


It’s no big deal to drop a loonie in the Legion collection box and pin a poppy on your lapel as a good many people do around this time of the month, but I have to confess that over the years I’ve become increasingly resentful of participating in this annual symbolic ritual.

When I was a little kid, I was introduced to the solemn ritual of observing two minutes of silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year in commemoration of something of which I had absolutely no comprehension. Eventually I learned much about the origins of this mysteriously pious gesture of “remembrance” from various sources and was appalled by the gruesome reality, generally witless conduct of everyone involved and completely insane pointlessness of the “Great War” that gave rise to it.

And of course, it wasn’t the “war to end all wars” as some had wistfully dubbed it in the aftermath of its brutal carnage… not by a long shot. There would be an even more terrible and globally destructive second act to follow twenty years later. And then many other wars in the latter half of the last century, both large and small, brief and prolonged, hot and cold, often for reasons that defy rational understanding.

But I digress…

What irks me most about the poppy campaign (worthy though its charitable efforts may be – and I’ll still throw money in the box but won’t wear the pin) is the veneration of war itself as a noble and praiseworthy endeavour through patently false messaging that claims our country’s engagement in various wars over the years has somehow protected or otherwise secured our “freedom” and “liberties”… To me, this notion is not only facile nonsense but the rhetorical essence of the drive that cynically manipulates people into perpetuating a militaristic insanity that is utterly counterproductive to the common good.

Voices of Reason

Which of course will be ignored…

The usual suspects from both the right and the left (albeit what some might regard as the “extreme” fringes) who have, I would contend, been absolutely correct in the past with respect to the numerous other conflicts that America and its “Coalition of the Willing” is still hopelessly entangled in, speaking out recently about the newest war in Libya.

This latest intervention is just another harebrained military misadventure that will inevitably end badly. As regrettable as the situation was in Libya, wouldn’t it have been better to simply allow events to play out on their own terms without Western involvement?

And who are these people that the media portrayed with such sympathy for weeks on end? By some accounts, about 20 percent of the “rebels” are fighting to depose Gaddafi because they believe that he’s a Jew. Surely that sentiment has to be more than a little disturbing when considering what kind of government might eventually take hold in that country once the conflict ends. Whenever that might be…

Cost of War

Fox News has suddenly become aware of the fact that wars cost money!

In fact, most of the exorbitant costs of ordinance that the “Fox & Fiends” crew is now shockingly alarmed about are actually expenses that are already bought and paid for (albeit on credit), but it sure does seem funny that they never batted an eye at the cost of the Iraq War – a completely needless venture that some have estimated will end up costing the United States in excess of $3 trillion.

Buckles Under

Okay, now that Jack Babcock and Frank Buckles, the sole Canadian and American “veterans” of the “Great War” (you know, the one that was supposed to end all wars) have finally passed away this month at the ripe old ages of 109 and 110, respectively, can we please for goodness sake, stop commemorating and romantically glorifying the gruesome loss of life that was made in WWI?

By any objective measure, that horrible war was one of the most monumentally futile, stupendously asinine conflicts in all of recorded human history and we should stop pretending that it was undertaken on the elevated moral auspices of “freedom” and “democracy” or whatever other platitudinous bullshit routinely gets inserted into Remembrance Day observances.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that all the “last survivors” of these ancient conflicts end up having been under-age volunteers, desperately eager to escape the insufferably monotonous lives that would otherwise awaited them on the farm and instead compelled them to enlist in the Army… Perhaps to make themselves feel “alive” somehow; ostensibly in pursuit of the same silly notions that we now solemnly venerate as irrefutably noble sentiments.