Only in America!

Quite an appropriate theme song by Toby Keith playing at last night’s victory rally in South Carolina…

Truly it can be said that “Only in America” could a pompous, selfishly scheming, ethically-challenged, morally bankrupt hypocrite like Newt Gingrich – who once grandiosely described himself as “the definer of civilization” – fake yet another religious conversion (like his marriages, for the third time), engage in an ugly campaign of mudslinging, race-baiting and war-mongering (all the while purporting to have a “positive” agenda of “big ideas”)… Then patriotically wrap his bloated corpulence in the flag and claim to be the last best hope the imaginary “American Way” – the defender of its mythical “shining city on a hill,” valiantly preventing its Reaganite golden gates from being stormed by hordes of phantasmal enemies: the media elites, radical liberals, and [insert specific object of your irrational HATE here].

Of course, “Newt the Redeemer” may not have fared quite so well at the ballot in South Carolina had his key opponent not been the “perfectly lubricated” Romneytron-6000; a vacillating, evasive, thoroughly disingenuous humanoid replicant whose bio-mechanical posturing, simulated rhetoric, pandering wingnut subroutines, and otherwise finely-tuned establishment programming repeatedly malfunctioned in staged “debate” scenarios causing the underwhelming Romneybot to lock-up and babble erratically about its ruthlessly calculating leveraged buy-out and tax-dodging activities of past incarnations.

Charlie Brooker’s 2011 Wipe

To end the year on a fittingly sardonic note, here’s Charlie Brooker’s brilliant take on the past twelve months as darkly viewed through the pop culture lens of a jaded media critic:

If nothing else, you can just skip about half way through the video to enjoy a short documentary gem by Adam Curtis about “how Rupert Murdoch took over the old newspapers of Fleet Street and used them to wage a cultural revolution against the snobbish elites that dominated Britain…”

This short film not only provides a succinctly plausible explanation of the “weird logic” behind the rise of Murdoch’s media empire, but suggests that the same populism once driving the success of its luridly intrusive tabloids has now digitally metastasized itself in the form of… Google.

Rex Murphy’s Year Ender

CBC’s professional curmudgeon offers up his patented barnacle encrusted summary of the year’s events:

Hypothetically, suppose you slept through the entire year of 2011 like a modern-day Rip Van Winkle and then suddenly awoke to watch that demoralizing re-cap… might you not have been quite glad to have missed the whole demoralizing affair resting in comatose slumber?

Take Off, Eh?

As a Halloween treat, Ezra Levant attempts to be funny by masquerading as an obnoxious “Barge Delahunty” intruding on a Rob Ford look-alike (who knew?) in a series of increasingly awkward encounters.

I have to admit that this parody had its humorous moments, even though the premise was quickly beaten to death; although that may well have been part of the point.

Not shown in its entirety here, Levant went on from this spoof to viciously excoriate the CBC for… well, you know the usual litany of whiny, self-serving complaints that are fiercely propounded on a daily basis in every “news” outlet of the Quebecor Media conglomerate.

No More Palin to Kick Around?

We can only dream…

But Lawrence O’Donnell gives us some hope by quite plausibly suggesting that Palin’s recent “mean girl” scraps with other Fox News talent may well be foreboding signs that her days are numbered.

Please, please, please… let it be true! Imagine – Sarah Palin no longer having a platform from which to routinely contaminate the airwaves with her demented lies, conniving fakery, and insufferable twaddle!

Bright, Shiny Objects

CNN unwittingly demonstrates with this sorry spectacle why so many people have come to thoroughly despise the mainstream media.

By the way, if you want to read an interesting article on this subject, let me recommend an excellent piece that James Fallows wrote in The Atlantic a number of years ago.

Plot Thickening Update:

“When I see clips like this, I just want to give up.” – Chris Hayes