The Day in 100 Bleepin’ Seconds

The attorney for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said the governor will be vindicated and he has no plans to resign. “He didn’t do anything wrong,” attorney Sheldon Sorosky told reporters after Blagojevich was arraigned. Un-bleepin’-believable.

Meanwhile, from the angry far right lunatic fringe, comes the inevitable movement to impeach Obama — before he’s even been inaugurated!

Update: John Dickerson at Slate about those pesky “questions” some people feel need to be answered. “The second part of Obama’s answer was so vague as to be nearly meaningless. ‘I was not aware of what was happening’ can mean anything you want it to. It can mean you weren’t aware of anything relating to the Senate seat, or that you weren’t aware the governor was trying to sell the Senate seat, or that you weren’t aware the governor was under federal investigation for trying to sell the Senate seat. Or it could mean you were not aware that Blagojevich was using hairspray (or not, as the case may be).”

Update2: Obama calls on Blagojevich to resign.


Putting the LIE in Lieberman

Holy Joe gets busted. In a Meet the Press interview back in August, Lieberman claimed that Barack Obama wasn’t ready to become president. Appearing on a public affairs program on Sunday however, he maintained that he “never felt Barack Obama was un-ready.”

Howard’s End

As noted the other day by the AP: “During Dean’s tenure, Democrats regained control of Congress in 2006, and captured the presidency in 2008 while increasing their numbers in the House and Senate.”

Well, there you go… Vindication indeed. Case closed.
Thank you Dr. Dean for a job well done!

DNC: Roll Call

I know it was a great gesture of unity and all, but I was so disappointed when they stopped the Roll Call at the great state of New York, the Empire State!

It would have been especially entertaining if they’d departed from the usual script and used instead the state nicknames and mottoes set out by John Hodgman in his book The Areas of My Expertise. Using Hodgman’s almanac as a reference, New York’s nickname, for example, would have been: “The Affiliated Businesses of 9/11-Related Tourism State” and its motto: “9/11 Changed Everything, Even Our Motto, Which Had Been EXCELSIOR!”

Update: Poor Jonathan Strong simply couldn’t figure out why the California delegation passed during the roll call. “I don’t know of any precedent for such a move by a state delegation, but something seems fishy,” he said, donning his little foil hat. Evidently, it never occurred to him that the move was simply orchestrated so that Obama wouldn’t reach the magic number too soon, preventing another state — like say, New York — from having its say.

No sir, not in the crackpot world of the “Strong Conservative” where it’s assumed that “…the good people of California might have a problem being disenfranchised from their party’s nomination process for the Democratic presidential candidate.” Urgh. Idiots.

DNC: Bill Clinton’s Speech

Say what you will about Clinton and his politics, the guy can be relied on to deliver a heckuva speech.

It was, as David Brooks said, like a powerful legal argument that wove together all the threads of the case against McCain and for Obama.

More on this later, I’m sure.

Updated: Video replaced with complete speech via C-SPAN. Also, MSNBC post-speech coverage.

Bill Maher at the DNC

On whether “we’re at an all time low, politically” as Keith Olbermann put it: “In my lifetime, things do seem to be getting worse…because, sorry to say it, people get stupider and stupider every election cycle.”

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe the fatuous banter between Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann offers part of the answer to that question.

Could it be perhaps because, as Bob Somerby says, “a lazy, indolent mainstream press corps is willing to peddle your twaddle for you, no matter how foolish your twaddle may be”?

Fox Attacked (with Scorn & Derision)

Desperate to “cause trouble” and create the impression of wild chaos at the DNC, Fox News nerd Griff Jenkins decided to throw himself into a swarm of marching anti-war protesters yesterday afternoon, only to be greeted with hostile shouts of “Fuck FOX News!” and a torrent of abuse from the “out of control” group of “leftist” demonstrators.

According to the Denver Post the “Recreate 68” group, that organizers had projected would rally tens of thousands of people, turned out to be less than 1,200 and were described by the paper as being “so well-behaved much of the time that they waited to cross streets with the green lights.”