The Burning Hypocrisy: Part XXXIV

It’s been suggested by some media pundits that Dick and Liz Cheney abruptly cancelling their appearance at an upcoming speaking engagement in Toronto due to “security concerns” the other day was nothing more than a publicity stunt to rollover existing ticket holders and hype the “Steynemite!” event featuring controversial author Mark Steyn and another loopy English ex-pat, Michael Coren. Certainly not a theory beyond the realm of plausibility…

Somewhat aside from that, it’s amusing that both Steyn and Coren vehemently promote themselves as champions of free speech – as do their legion of so-called “conservative” supporters, such as SDAMatt2a, the “owner” of the above-noted video. But in reality, do these folks actually “walk the walk” when it comes to the matter of free speech? In my experience, they most certainly do not:

That’s just one glaring example, but I could produce countless more where these phony advocates for free speech don’t practice what they preach.

By the way, I’m not sure why I got “blocked” by this particular individual. I think I made a couple of comments that took issue with remarks made by others, but it was nothing terribly heinous – certainly not of the calibre that would warrant being “blocked” from his channel. Some people, it seems, just can’t tolerate dissenting opinions. Apparently, their idea of “free speech” is limited to that which aligns with their own point of view.

Conservative Double-Standard?

Why, I’m shocked, simply shocked, I tell you, to discover that Conservatives would employ a flagrant double-standard when it comes to the matter of… well, anything.

Of course, in this particular instance the root of the problem is that the Conservatives’ original objection to not having ministerial staffers testify before investigative parliamentary committees was nothing but a self-serving evasion of public scrutiny that could have been potentially embarrassing. Now the tables have been turned however, all their righteously indignant protestations in former times are expediently tossed overboard and clearly shown as having been completely without merit in the first instance. That’s pretty much par for the course, isn’t it?

Ron Paul: “Fake” Libertarian?

When asked at the end of this week’s GOP debate to describe themselves in a single word, Ron Paul chose “consistent” as being the most appropriate moniker. But here Lawrence O’Donnell points out a glaring inconsistency in the old coot’s supposedly “libertarian” philosophy when it comes the matter of sex:

Of course, this is a logical problem shared by all so-called “conservatives” that claim to believe government should butt out of people’s lives, get off their backs, and otherwise stop interfering in the private affairs of citizens – EXCEPT when it comes to various social issues; most particularly those relating to sex. Then, it becomes an entirely different matter wherein the “small government” philosophy of so-called “conservatives” gets turned completely on its head.

In matters of contraception, reproductive choice, defining what constitutes a legitimate marriage under the law, and numerous other things involving their Christian “values” so-called “conservatives” and even some “libertarians” such as Ron Paul feel entirely justified by the imperatives of their religious beliefs in legislating their own dubious concept of morality and then forcibly imposing it on others.

Most recently we’ve seen that some so-called “conservatives” will even take their religious zealotry so far to the point of demanding by law that a transvaginal probe be inserted into a woman without her consent prior to an abortion – not for any medical purpose whatsoever, but solely to “enlighten” her about the consequences of the procedure.

It’s always baffled me how these so-called “conservatives” square the circle on their astounding hypocrisy and inconsistency in this regard.

Irony, Thy Name is “liberty4canada”

Another HarperCon hypocrite going under the name “liberty4canada” that simply can’t help ruthlessly stamping out any expression of critical dissent or opposition…

I’m not sure what exactly “liberty” means in the twisted, Orwellian lexicon of some so-called “Conservatives”… Whatever it may be, it certainly makes me wonder what other fundamental concepts like “free speech” that are commonly associated with liberty they don’t quite fully grasp in Bizzarro Harper World.

By the way, just for the record, my comment wasn’t offensive or profane. As best I recall, it went like this: “Is that the best attack you can mount? How desperately pathetic.”

p.s. Nardwuar is an annoying twat. No wonder Ignatieff didn’t “get it” (whatever “it” may be).

Thanks Muskoka!

Hey, did you know that YOU, along with every other man, woman and child in this country coughed up a couple of bucks just to give a hearty “thanks” to the good folks of the entire Muskoka region of rural Ontario for hosting the frivolous G8 summit in the town of Huntsville last year?

The story has been reported before, but is resurfacing again in the context of an impending Auditor General’s report leaking out to the press, alluding it seems to charges of — quell surprise! — multi-million dollar deceit and deception by The Harper Government® in using the monumentally irrelevant and immediately forgettable event as an excuse to spray a golden shower of $50 million onto Industry Minister Tony Clement’s riding of Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Claude Doughty, mayor of Huntsville, the main site of the summit in Ontario’s Muskoka region, defended the program, saying some of the projects were meant more as a “thank you” to area municipalities for being host than as G8-related facilities.

“I don’t think there was ever any intent that some of them would be used by the world leaders,” he said. “You have to appreciate that a lot of people in Muskoka did a lot of work to prepare for the G8, myself included. And for those municipalities that went out of their way to really do those things, this was a bit of a token of saying, ‘Thank you.’ ”

However, some of the “legacy” items are largely unused. The University of Waterloo’s environmental research centre, completed 11 months ago, remains deserted and without signage. The echoing hallways of a summit centre are largely bare save for pieces of community art, while a brand-new seniors centre, banquet hall and drop-in daycare were empty on Monday afternoon.

The program also financed a gazebo and public washrooms that were far from the summit centre, as well as municipal and airport improvements that aimed to revitalize the area but not all of which were used by world leaders and their entourages.

I seem to recall a little thing called “Adscam” that sent the Harper Conservatives and their Bloggin’ Tory sock puppets into an absolute frenzy of wildly indignant outrage about the missing $45 million from that fiasco… I guess they’re pretty upset about this egregiously crass misappropriation of public funds by another self-serving government too, huh?

Update: Oh look, here’s a video of the CBC news report from our C-SPAN Junkie friend south of the border.

NIMBY: Nebraska Edition

Ah, the irony… Seems some Nebraskans are rather concerned that a Canadian company’s plans to run an oil pipeline through their territory might possibly pollute the Ogallala Aquifer. Well, aren’t they special?

This from the same right-wing crowd that screams “Drill baby, drill!” (their version of an “energy plan”) and complains incessantly about big government regulation.

Display Ban

Funny how readily so-called “conservatives” are to throw their alleged principles under the bus whenever they get in office. More often than not, it turns out they’re every bit as much eager to be meddlesome “nannies” as the relentlessly annoying do-gooders on the left when it comes to imposing completely pointless regulations concerning personal habits such as smoking.

Of course, we’ve had this same absurdly ridiculous “display ban” in effect in most provinces here in Canada for quite a while now and I rather doubt that it has any impact whatsoever other than to be a glaring advertisement for asinine, resentment-inducing government policy every time the clerk has to awkwardly retrieve one’s cigarettes from behind a flimsy curtain or fumble around looking for the contents of the steel case behind the register.

Phillip Davies, a sensible Tory MP, speaks out about the absurdity of the new regulations.

“Why on earth do your need plain packaging for a product that’s no longer on display?” Good question!