Survey Says…?

A recent bullshit survey by Nanos Research asked a thousand or so random people online to describe the “personality” of the five federal parties using a single word.

Just for fun, let’s pretend this ridiculous poll is meaningful in some way and compare the primary responses given, shall we?

Conservatives were described most frequently as “untrustworthy”; Liberals were most often considered “bad/incompetent”; and the NDP were viewed as… wait for it, “socialist.” Oh, and for the record, the Greens were described as being “green” (shock!) and the Bloc as “useless.”

At the second tier, the Conservatives were described as “conservative” (duh); the Liberals as “untrustworthy”; and the NDP as “caring.” Following that, Conservatives were “bad/incompetent”; Liberals “Good”; and the NDP “bad/incompetent.” And on it goes with increasingly smaller percentages of idiotic respondents ascribing all manner of contradictory descriptions to the various parties. By the way, “bad/incompetent” was the artful term applied by Nanos to those responding with undefined expletives such as (one imagines) “fucktards,” “twats” etc.

So, what are we to make of this “survey”? Personally, I’d suggest absolutely nothing at all other than the utterly unsurprising fact that a predominant number of people think all of the parties are complete rubbish for the most part. Curiously however, Liberal activist, lawyer and ursine fetishist James Morton derives this brilliant conclusion from the poll: “We have to figure out how to be seen as trustworthy and competent again. I say review the shift to ‘New Labour’ in the UK — Tony Blair made Labour seem to be something it hadn’t been before.”

Well, perhaps… although I’m not certain what specific lessons Blair’s “third way” re-boot of the Labour Party has to offer the Liberals at this juncture.

Reckless Coalitions

With this week’s vote on the ways-and-means motion, Harper’s government is now being propped up by the very same nefarious “socialists” and “separatists” the Conservatives are still vigorously denouncing in their latest round of negative attack ads concerning an imagined anti-democratic conspiracy between the BQ/NDP and the Liberals.

And some people wonder why there’s so much cynicism and indifference about politics these days…

BQ: Avoiding a Conservative Majority

Following a meeting yesterday of the Bloc Québécois caucus in Montreal, Gilles Duceppe addressed reporters, offering his impressions of the electoral campaign ahead, including the concern of many Quebecers about the possibility of a Conservative majority government.

“That’s what he wants, a majority government, and let’s not fool ourselves, a majority is within his reach,” he said. “His objective is to enact his hidden agenda in its entirety, in a majority government.” Unsurprisingly, Duceppe argues that Quebeckers must elect Bloc MPs to prevent Harper from having free rein.

On a related note, here’s the first part of a “debate” on TVO’s The Agenda hosted by Steve Paikin from last year that offers some insight into the race in Quebec. As I said last night, there was really nothing new about what Mike Duffy was pedaling on his show the other day. Anyway, you’ll learn a great deal more by watching this than listening to that blithering clown.

More here (three other parts).