Puffery & Politics

Maybe you already caught this extract from yesterday’s Power & Politics program; the CBC’s hip, fast-paced replacement for Don Newman’s old gig.

In this instance, Evan Solomon’s guests for the show’s segment where various bloggers square off about the week’s “hot topics” in the Blathersphere were Kady O’Malley, Adrian McNair and Jeff Jedras. Unfortunately, I missed most of it because the phone rang not long after it started so thanks to Jeff for posting it.

Due to time constraints, I’ll leave it to others to dispute the relative merits of the points made (or more accurately, not made) as it hardly seems worth the effort involved — it could easily take ten times longer than the length of the segment itself to critically analyze and deconstruct them. And to what end?

Save to say, I think this clearly illustrates the futility of attempting to discuss multiple issues intelligently with several people in the space of ten minutes. I mean really, what insight can possibly be derived from such an exercise? As a viewer, all one comes away with is a grab-bag of unresolved loose ends, specious arguments, half-baked assertions, and a maddening sense of frustration — but then, its focus was about blogging, so maybe that was the intended reaction…

Windows 7.0 Party Time!

I’m beyond speechless. Sadly, the actors in this painfully upbeat “launch party” video for the release of the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows OS weren’t quite so reticent…

Apologies for making you suffer through that hacktacular video — presuming you watched it beyond the 20 second mark. In truth, it was a completely unrelated pretext just to note that there will be light posting and relative inactivity here for a while due to work-related and personal stuff going on at the moment (generally good things, but very time-consuming).

I’ll try to occasionally post on Twitter in the meantime. And yes, I know many people think that’s a thoroughly unserious medium, but I’ve decided to give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Beside which, I like the notion of attempting beat the challenge of the puny 140 character limit without all that maddeningly cryptic text-message crapola).

A Very Pointless Outing

Flame On

So, I see that the usual cadre of malicious retards and shrill termagants of the Right was downright orgasmic at Wendy Sullivan’s “outing” the other day of their arch-foe Canadian Cynic.

Ho hum. As some wag remarked concerning the “outing” of another blogger, Robert is kinda like the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four insofar as his “secret identity” was hardly much of a mystery in the first place.

Moreover, I rather doubt all the hopeless wankers, SoCon slackwits, and other cunning runts of the Canadian Wingnutosphere will get much respite from the heat of his fiery snark. Or at least I would hope not…

So Long, For Now


Well, I’m just winding things down here and will be relocating to Vancouver in the next couple of days, but may not be back online for a bit, just so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the planet if there’s no posting for a while.



Very sad news this morning… Our good online buddy, liberal compatriot and most excellent, long-time friend of the blog, Red Canuck, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

As groundless as they may be, it’s difficult not to entertain some faint hopes that he might yet prevail against the odds and just perhaps, like David Hume’s “loitering rogue” (as he described himself to Adam Smith when cheerfully reflecting on his own demise), forestall boarding Charon’s boat for at least a few more years in order to “have the satisfaction of seeing the downfall of some of the prevailing systems of superstition.”

Let me echo Scott’s sentiment: where there is life, there is hope. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you RC and we all most deeply wish for you not to slip so quickly from this makeshift raft we call Life.

*Sorry. I couldn’t resist RC, but I thought you might appreciate that. 😉



That’s the number of posts on this site since the re-launch on WordPress last July, 287 days ago. Since then, it’s received over 440,000 hits with more than 25,000 comments (quite a few of them mine, to be sure), but doing the math, that works out to 5 posts per day, with 1,533 hits and 87 comments — each and every day (on average).

As much as I find it irksome asking for donations (although there’s always that handy little button to your right hand side there to gently remind you…), allow me to be so bold as to take this opportunity to suggest that you contribute $1.50 to mark this milestone. Now that may seem like a trivial amount — the price of a cup of coffee in most places— but collectively it could make a significant difference to my bottom line… which, quite frankly, is suffering a bit at the moment, I have to admit. But look at it this way, if you think of it in terms of the pay-per-view monetizing schemes being considered by many newspapers these days, it works out to $0.001 per post. Please tell me that my efforts are worth more than a hundredth of a cent …

As much as this may open me up to scornful ridicule, sneering derision and “begging bowl” shame from other bloggers, well so be it. Hey, at least I’m not raising money for some bogus lawsuit or saving up for a fancy new pair of shoes or a pink-colored semi-automatic weapon or some such damn fool thing… Unfortunately, I don’t do this for a living and nor can I afford to do it as a full-time avocation, but I do seem to spend more time than is reasonable by most standards trying to provide some light entertainment, amusement, and occasionally thought-provoking launch-pads for discussion here. If that’s worth the price of a cup of coffee, great — and if not, well then sod off… Just kidding. That’s perfectly fine too, but every little bit counts. It really does. I’ve long since rolled all of my pennies and cashed them in at the corner store — not exactly moments to remember with much pride.

There are a handful (and I mean that almost quite literally) of very generous contributors that have assisted greatly in the past and this plea naturally exempts them, as they’ve already stepped up to the plate for me. And if I haven’t already, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your magnanimity. As for the other thousand plus readers… come on folks, go hit that DONATE button and throw a $1.50 (or €2 for the folks overseas) my way to not only help keep the lights on here, but disprove all those people — and there are quite a few of them — who repeatedly tell me that I am completely mental for “wasting my time with that useless bullshit.” Well, you be the judge of that… It may well be they’re entirely correct. Or not.

Blogging in the Obama Era

Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) & Jane Hamsher (Firedog Lake) on CNN’s new Preston on Politics show discussing the future of political blogging in the era of Obama. I’m not sure if I agree with characterization of right-wing blogs or those who read them as there are certainly some highly successful and popular ones stateside that would seem to refute their assertions (LGF, Powerline, Red State, and Townhall, to name just a few).


I am a big, fat (figuratively speaking) LIAR!!!

According to Steve Vellacott, I am a LIAR because I willfully failed to amend an earlier post to reflect that the meeting between President Obama and Michael Ignatieff was 35 minutes and not, as I had originally stated, 15 minutes in length. Silly me. I had thought this matter had been clearly resolved in the comments to that particular thread, but for the sake of people who are catastrophically lazy or simply cannot read, allow me to make the following correction:

The meeting between the POTUS and the leader of the Official Opposition (with the member for Toronto Centre in tow) lasted 35 minutes and not, as had been stated earlier 15 minutes. During this time, it’s understood that the issues of the new way of doing politics, various challenges associated with operating in a minority government and dealing with Stephen Harper, navigating the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through Congress, trade protectionism and the problematic nature of the “Buy America” provision in the stimulus legislation, the thorny legal disposition of Omar Khadr in Guantánamo, and the War in Afghanistan were all discussed “at length”…

And if you believe that, I have some real estate in Palm Beach you may be interested in…