Inadvertent Irony

“I just bought the first ten words, and the first word is ‘persiflage’ and I’ve gotta say, I don’t know what persiflage means, but it’s the start of a great story…” — Toronto Mayor, David Miller


Meeting of the Minds

From CBS’s Sunday Morning program, Lesley Stahl reports on this year’s annual gathering of Mensa held in Denver, Colorado.

Think you might qualify for Mensa? Why not take an IQ test and find out…

Bugs. It’s What’s For Dinner!

The AP reports on a “Bug Eating Club” in Tokyo headed by Shoichi Uchiyama, a self-described “insect chef” who argues that insects are almost the perfect food for human beings, were it not for our irrational aversion to consuming them.

Author of the book “Tanoshii Konchu Ryori” (“Enjoyable Bug-eating Recipes”), Uchiyama’s dream is that someday insects will be recognized as ordinary food just like meat and fish, and sold on supermarket shelves.

The “Uncle Sam” Range

Uncle Sam Range

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I just happened to stumble over this while working on something and it struck me as being exceptionally surreal. (Click on the image for the enlarged view for full effect.)

Free U.S. Navy Ships!

It seems that for the past two years, the U.S. Navy has been trying to unload two super-secret Cold War era ships, the experimental Sea Shadow and Hughes Mining barge (a submersible dry dock), for the grand sum of $0.00.

The Historic Naval Ships Association warns however that receiving a “free” gift from the U.S. Navy is “a bloodthirsty, paperwork ridden, permit-infested, money-sucking hole…” (sounds like a pretty good description for the Pentagon, or DND for that matter). This is due to the fact that once the Navy releases ownership of the vessels that they give away, they want no responsibility for providing adequate care for the ships. For vessels like the Sea Shadow and the Hughes Mining Barge, this could very expensive indeed.

If there are no takers soon, the two ships (estimated cost $.5 billion) will be headed to the scrap heap. Who says that military spending is a complete waste of resources?

Six Into None

Sad to learn that Patrick McGoohan passed away Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 80 after a short illness of some kind.

Best known as the creator, star and occasional writer of the cryptic series The Prisoner, but also personally much loved as the deliciously vile “Edward Longshanks” in Braveheart (one of my favourite villains), McGoohan was always a fascinating delight to watch.

The following clips are from Six Into One: The Prisoner File, a half-hour documentary that was screened by Channel 4 following a repeat of the final Prisoner episode ( “Fall Out” ) in 1984, and for some strange reason has never been rerun by the station or made available on DVD.

Volkswaffe: Nazi Flying Cars

I find this incredibly hard to believe, but according to documents, declassified footage, and eyewitness accounts, the Nazis apparently tried to turn Ferdinand Porsche’s “people’s car” into an agile, lightweight fighter aircraft.

As can be seen from the footage, the results of the Luftwaffe’s harebrained efforts at constructing death-dealing Herbies were thoroughly unsuccessful.