A Few Good Men v. Sheep

A group of military “heroes” in Afghanistan demonstrate their bravery in the field:

There may be some background “context” to this film that could perhaps explain why a group of U.S. Marines elected to kill a bewildered sheep by clubbing it to death with an aluminum baseball bat while laughing and deliriously hooting, but it’s not readily apparent.


A Burning Issue

If anything demonstrates the utter hopelessness and complete futility of the Canadian “mission” in Afghanistan, this latest incident, where 12 United Nations aid workers were killed (one even beheaded, apparently) as retribution for some crackpot preacher in Florida burning the Qur’an, surely does.

Maybe it’s time that the untold millions of dollars that will be flushed down the toilet of Afghanistan over the next three years of our “mission” in that primitive hellhole were instead invested in our own domestic needs; whether it be fixing roads and bridges or helping lift many of our own citizens out of poverty.

This is an issue where the Liberals have been sorely disappointing over the years since getting us into this insane clusterfuck in the first place. I know many Liberal supporters want to turn a blind eye to it, but it’s something that I believe every Liberal candidate needs to be confronted with. Why won’t they immediately pull the plug on this hopeless and utterly misguided “mission” in Afghanistan that is DOOMED TO FAILURE?

Afghan War Debate

There’s a debate taking place in Congress today over Dennis Kucinich’s bill H. Con. Res. 28 calling for President Obama to remove troops from Afghanistan within 30 days of adoption, or if the president determines such a rapid withdrawal would be jeopardize the safety of U.S. troops, then delay the withdrawal to no later than the end of the year.

This motion will likely go nowhere fast, but here in Canada there isn’t even any debate at all over the issue…

The Harper Government® unilaterally decided to extend the country’s “mission” in Afghanistan to 2014, in doing so breaking promises made in 2006, 2007, and 2010. And it was able to do that because the official “Opposition” led by Michael Ignatieff supported the Conservatives. Just as they routinely have when push comes to shove on almost every key issue over the last several years.

Maybe if (when) the Bloc assumes the LPC’s place as the Official Opposition after the next election, though highly ironic, it wouldn’t really be such a bad thing.

Sour Grapes

I will never for the life me understand the enduring celebrity appeal in this country of an obnoxious buffoon like Don Cherry, let alone completely fathom how anyone in their right mind could approve of his glibly autographing artillery shells in Afghanistan — particularly on Christmas Day for goodness sake! But hey, that’s probably just because I’m a left wing, pinko kook…

It’s understood that Defence Minister Peter MacKay who headed up the jolly “Team Canada Christmas Day tour” of Canadian military bases in southern Afghanistan awkwardly quipped, “Don, this is a different type of ‘He shoots, he scores.’” Ugh.

Ending the Afghanistan War

Following through on his promise made back in December to reassert congressional power (per Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution) to overrule the President Obama’s plans for prolonged war in Afghanistan, yesterday, Dennis Kucinich introduced two privileged resolutions invoking the War Powers Act of 1973 aimed at triggering debate and votes on a timely withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If, as the American people have repeatedly been told by the government for the better part of a decade now — as have we here in Canada — that their military forces have made tremendous strides in achieving improvement in the lives of Afghans, sending little girls to school, eliminating the imaginary threat of “terra” and so on, then maybe it’s time to just declare “victory” and end this ridiculous, heinously expensive misadventure on the other side of the world.

Thankfully, our government has at least the good sense to have already pulled the plug on our commitment to this absurd farce as of next year. Pity it wasn’t sooner and that more young men and women will have to die needlessly in the meantime, but at least it’s better than the prospect facing the Americans of propping up their criminal drug cartel/autocratic puppet regime in Kabul for some indefinite period of time.

Test Case “Moshtarak”

NATO’s latest military offensive to “break” the Taliban finally kicked off earlier this week. The combined operation, the cleverly-chosen name of which means “together” in the local Dari language (a Persian dialect spoken in parts of Afghanistan), involves 4,000 US Marines, supported by 4,000 British troops, a large Afghan force and contingents of Canadians, French, Danes and Estonians.

Seems to me more like a “test case” for the new strategy for “winning” the Afghan war than anything else. How else to explain the fact the operation was widely publicized for weeks in advance, thereby allowing the Taliban to either safely flee the area well ahead of time or just temporarily go to ground, blending back in with the local populace (hence the “low numbers” of insurgent casualties and only sporadic resistance during the initial push).

Whether it will work remains to be seen. Of course, the true test of this new counter-insurgency approach will be in how effectively NATO delivers on its “nation-building” promises that comprise subsequent stages of the operation.

Oh, What a Lovely War

Not that yet another reason is needed to predict with absolute confidence the eventual failure of the “mission” in Afghanistan, but here’s one anyway: It seems that during breaks in fighting, the vast majority of Afghan soldiers enjoy nothing more than to smoke hash and randomly fire their guns at nothing in particular.

As independent war correspondent David Axe has noted, “All Afghans smoke pot — especially in winter, when roads are snowed in and nobody’s working.” All fine, but a situation that poses a bit of an obstacle to the spurious notion of “training up” the Afghan National Army and security forces…

Perhaps NATO and the U.S. government should simply buy the Taliban and the Afghan Army Xbox 360s and Call of Duty, then they can get stoned and play each other all night long without actually hurting anyone.