God Made a Farmer…

Standing out by a country mile from the slew of rubbish advertisements sponsoring this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, The Richards Group agency down in Texas crafted this perfect, brilliant little gem for Chrysler’s Dodge Ram truck brand:

There’s little doubt this ad will hit home with its target demographic, but I suspect it also has sentimental appeal to a much broader audience; perhaps even including atheistic heathens that would have normally winced at the prospect of listening to Paul Harvey’s unctuous God-bothering treacle, don’t farm and, in fact, have no ostensible need whatsoever for a truck.

Quite simply, it is a remarkably beautiful ad.

“Obamaville” Examined

Wow. I’d heard about this attack ad put together by the Santorum campaign and finally saw it last night on Hardball. Chris Matthews and his fellow chuckleheads all seemed to have a good laugh at its apocalyptic absurdity and the fact it plays more like the trailer for a slasher movie than a political ad.

It’s quite a stunning piece of work, especially when examined closely. A site called businessinsider.com has broken it down frame by frame, along with hilarious commentary.

However, they’ve also missed a whole lot of “subliminal” things that were stuffed into this incredibly bizarre one minute video. Things you may not even have realized were there. So, stay tuned… In a future post I’ll try to tease them out for you — some are quite amazing.

Latest Ron Paul Attack Ad

Here’s the latest negative attack ad from the Ron Paul campaign slagging Rick Santorum for not being a “fiscal conservative”… (Seems to have been done by the same agency that created the snappy, tough-talking Ford F-150 truck ads.)

I suppose one could quibble about specifics of the dubious allegations made if there was a point to such an endevour, but perhaps a more intriguing question for Ron Paul supporters is why his campaign NEVER attacks Mitt Romney… Rather curious, that.

Maybe, as some have speculated, Ron Paul’s entire campaign is nothing but an enormously expensive venture to become the “last” Chairman of the Federal Reserve under a Romney administration. Seems like a highly improbable outcome of his inevitably doomed bid to be the Republican Party nominee, but hey… it’s no less detached from reality than the rest of his batshit crazy domestic policy proposals, so who knows?

Halftime in America

It seems Wingnuttia is in a furious tizzy over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad:

Former Bush “brain” Karl Rove, now a Fox “News” contributor resembling a large ham with glasses, paragon of moral integrity, and founder of a super-secret PAC funded by a handful of evil billionaires, said he was “offended” by the advertisement, calling it an example of Obama’s “Chicago-style politics” (whatever that means – something “thuggish” and borderline criminal, apparently).

The ad also came under attack from kerning dweebs of the right-wing after it emerged that it wasn’t actually filmed in Detroit – but in New Orleans and Los Angeles! Well, there you go… the entire message of the ad was completely demolished with that shocking revelation.

Blood Money

The SuperPAC supporting (but definitely not co-ordinating with!) Newt Gringrich yesterday released another negative “documentary” attacking Mitt Romney.

Called “Blood Money” the film links the former head of Bain Capital to Damon Clinical Laboratories, a medical testing company the equity firm controlled during the early 90s that was subsequently found guilty of having massively defrauded the Medicare system by billing for millions of unnecessary blood tests.

Whether this new line of attack will have sufficient time to influence next week’s Florida primary election remains to be seen.

“Double Negative” SuperPAC Ad

From the definitely not co-ordinating with Stephen Colbert Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow SuperPAC, a negative ad attacking the negative ads of the Republican frontrunners… then vows donations will be used to “destroy both these guys and their SuperPACs with a merciless ad torn so fierce they’ll wish they’d never been incorporated… an orgy of pure distortion leaving nothing behind – but the clean campaign we all deserve.”

The Evolution of Negative Advertising

The absurdly hypocritical “Pot v. Kettle” sniping towards the end of yesterday’s MTP debate between Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney over the legitimacy and moral superiority of the viciously negative ad campaigns being waged by their respective Super-PACs reminded me of this classic bit of satire from the wonderful HBO series Mr. Show:

Not of course a direct corollary to the present electoral situation, but it can be presumed that at the end of the day, these two egregiously phony douchebags will eventually unite forces to venomously attack what they perceive as being the “greater evil”…

Ron Bless America

The other day, I expressed admiration for the aggressive new F-150ish “Big Dogs” ad from the Ron Paul campaign, but Conan O’Brian’s parody of it is even more brilliant.

“You want cuts? You got ‘em! He’ll cut $1 skrillion of government spending in week one! That’s skrillion… with a skrill!” Priceless.

Funnily enough, this parody will do absolutely nothing to dissuade rabid Ron Paul revolutionaries, many of which seem to positively yearn for the loopy idea of a chaotic libertarian apocalypse, even if it involves fending off an army of starving marauders with a rusty pipe.

Ad Wars

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the desperately tedious nature of the political battle the Conservatives and Liberals are presently engaged in than their latest round of duelling negative adverts:

Let’s just say at the outset that they’re both awful.

Released for no apparent reason, other than maybe to “poison the well” ahead of parliament resuming business after its absurdly long holiday break, each one tackles what is surely the lowest possible common denominator in politics these days: Taxes!

The Conservative ad is a petty, malicious piece of work filled with assertions that are dubious at best. For example, the attention-getting claim that Ignatieff apparently supported a $75 “iPod tax” turns out to be a complete fabrication based on nothing more than “some stillborn ideas put forward by Canada’s copyright board” (to quote David Akin). In other words, it’s a flat out LIE. Bookending the ad’s familiar collection of dated, out of context quotes (go check the source of that oft-repeated “tax and spend” one from 2004 and tell me that he wasn’t being somewhat facetious in describing himself that way…) are the obligatory sleazebag attacks on Ignatieff’s patriotism.

As for the Liberal ad, other than being half as short, it’s no better. After five years of fairly unexceptional minority governance, it’s quite feeble that Lib strategists are still compelled to demonize Harper as a dictatorial bogeyman of some sort. What’s truly insulting about this ad however, is its presumption that viewers are complete slackwits with no recollection of recent history. In fact, it was the Liberal Party under Paul Martin that initiated the process of steadily ratcheting down the corporate tax rate. A policy, by the way, that both he and his immediate successor enthusiastically touted as a means of attracting new business investment and promoting job growth in Canada. So it’s more than a little hypocritical (and technically inaccurate) to now indignantly claim “Harper is giving your tax dollars to the largest corporations”…

Is it any wonder that most people are turned off by politics when our two leading parties waste their time and resources excreting miserable pieces of shit like this?