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Election Flashback

Seeing as President Obama was in Elkhart, Illinois (where the unemployment rate is currently running around 15%) this morning, going over the heads of lawmakers to talk up his “stimulus” plan in front of a crowd of “real Americans” (also described by CNN anchors as “economic casualties”), I thought it might be fun to look back to this old chestnut from the last election where, in an appeal to working-class voters, then candidate Obama claimed his economic plan would save millions of backbreaking, mind-numbing shitty jobs.



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Senator Franken

That might take some getting used to, especially for Republicans.

Maybe it’s appropriate that more than any other, this particular race offered some welcome comedy relief.

Some additional yuks regarding this issue can be found here.

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KO’s Fave People of 2008

No surprise here.


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2008 Election in Review

Countdown looks back at the last presidential campaign in a montage of clips from the show featuring KO’s “favorite people”…

It all seems a lot grander somehow in this abbreviated format than was actually the case, day after grinding day, month after seemingly endless, dreary month.


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Go Al!

Good news for AFB alums and other supporters of Al Franken.


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Rejected Obama Logos


Logo Design Love offers up an interesting exploration of how the Obama campaign’s iconic logo evolved, including many of the concepts that were rejected as part of the design process.


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John McCain’s Late Show Redemption

To borrow the “nut graph” (now there’s an old timey journalistic expression) from Newsday: “Presidential campaigns are brutal and divisive affairs. It was nice last night to almost forget that the last one ever even happened.”

David Schuster talks with Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson to speculate about how the election might have been different if “that guy” had shown up instead of the nerve-jangling trainwreck that was Sen. McCain during the latter stages of the campaign, as well the more general issue of how high priced handlers distort (and in this case thwart) the image of the candidates they’re charged with protecting (presumably from their “authentic” selves).

And here’s the complete Letterman interview (or most of it, anyway).


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