Someone Needs Your Help!

For what it’s worth, I’m not dead. Well, at least not quite yet. Surprisingly!

I haven’t been blogging for ages simply because I’m just rather fed up with politics in general and the phenomenally depressing grind of awful news that’s relentlessly churned out on a daily basis by our intrepid media.

But never mind that. What brings me back here today is a very specific purpose and that is to ask that you cast a vote for my daughter on the “Share Reading” competition she’s involved with.

Here’s the link:

It’s the easiest thing to do and all for a good cause.

Currently, she is in second-place behind a nitwit who regards the print adaptation of “Marley and Me” as a work of literature worth re-reading.  Surely that cannot be allowed to stand!



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8 responses to “Someone Needs Your Help!

  1. billg

    Done…and…glad your not dead.

  2. Thanks. So am I. 😉


  4. Vancouverois

    Glad you’re not dead! I was seriously convinced that was the reason for your long silence.

  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind remarks.

  6. Evan

    Welcome back! I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I’ve been following it, in its various incarnations, for years and I’ve always enjoyed your acerbic wit. That said, I can easily understand why you’d tire of doing it. 😛 I was surprised when you moved to my old hometown of Winnipeg – hope you’re enjoying the frigid winters!

  7. John public

    Tory, though i cannot support e conservative government we have, I could vote for a sensible Progressive Conservative. Canadians are not yet polarized like Americans. It is through the kind of honesty and reflection you deliver on this blog that Canada can make a better future. Heres hoping for a proper Tory party to reappear, so there is some alternative to Liberal federal government. Meanwhile though, like any sensible fiscal conservative and social progressive, I will be voting for Justin Trudeau.

  8. With the new federal government, maybe a return to blogging is in order?

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