No surprise that the NDP would breeze into Jack Layton’s old seat, but the Conservative result barely cracking 5 percent was a bit… well, hilarious. So much for two-time loser Andrew Keyes – “a recognized leader in the communications industry.” Who knows, maybe there will be a Senate seat or plum appointment in his future as reward for all his sacrificial efforts to the cause…

5 Replies to “5.37%”

  1. I’ve often wondered what candidates get for running in hopeless ridings.
    Off topic, but, what do Liberal candidates get for running in Alberta? Or, what do Con candidates get for running anywhere near TO or Montreal, or, a Green candidate anywhere in Canada? Just thinkin’ out loud.

  2. Bill: Well, it depends on the party that’s in power. If you run as a doomed no-hoper but your party is in power, then you’re likely to have earned a plum job somewhere down the line; i.e., appointment to a government commission, administrative tribunal, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization, etc. But if you run as a sacrificial lamb for a party that’s not in power, then the best you can can probably expect is a token of appreciation — but literally that, a token; perhaps redeemable for a free sub sandwich at the next party convention.

  3. Rotterdam: Hardly any sense of “victory” involved here, but I was certainly amused by how badly creamed the Conservatives were in Toronto-Danforth. Heck, even in Stephen Harper’s true-Blue, rock-ribbed Conservative Calgary riding, the Liberals managed to get 7.5% of the vote in the last election.

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