“Freeloading Welfare Queens”

As a counterpoint to Alexandra Pelosi’s somewhat controversial piece the previous week interviewing “typical” Republican voters in Mississippi, on last Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher aired “the thing that would make liberals go insane”…

In the video, multiple welfare recipients proclaim they were at the welfare office (or “Job Center”) to get their “Obama bucks” and that they supported Obama because he “gives me stuff” and “because he’s black.”

19 Replies to ““Freeloading Welfare Queens””

  1. Ho-hum. Of course there’s people gaming the system. There’s rich people gaming the system. There’s poor people gaming the system. It’s easy to find poor people abusing welfare. It’s much tougher finding rich folks abusing, say the banking system. In fact nobody’s gone to jail for the banking collapse. But Pelosi found some poor folks – black folks – being dishonest. I doubt the left will go insane, despite the hopes of Pelosi and the Breitbart folks who are all of a sudden embracing her. But it helps to look at what Pelosi is doing in a broader context. It’s called stirring the flames to make money. That’s her prerogative. I just wish she would take on a real challenge. Find the people who caused the economic collapse and catch them talking about how they did it.

  2. Jymn: Actually, it’s not that much tougher to find people abusing the banking system (who are legion) or the government system of doling out largesse to favoured special interests (which is a point I believe she made in her comments to Maher after airing the piece).

    Although I don’t care much for the argument, it seemed she and Maher were saying that while there are indeed, as you yourself admitted, both rich and poor people gaming the system, it was much more egregious for the wealthy and powerful interests to be doing so than the poor.

  3. Yes, gamers are everywhere, but Maher (even more than Pelosi) went out of his way to paint the toothless inbred cracker as typical of mainstream Mississippi, while the welfare scammers are just isolated individuals on the edge. It’s too bad, because the refusal of the left to admit the egregious and highly visible failures of urban social policies in the States is keeping them in reactionary mode. It’s not as if the right has much useful to say on the topic, but their abstract appeals to ‘self-reliance” (read cuts) will keep resonating if the left just circles wagons to keep all the Obama bucks flowing. I particularly liked the dude who wasn’t aware of all the benefits he was entitled to, but knew there were lots. The trip to the welfare office must seem like a scavenger hunt to him.

    Red, I know you are a Maher fan, but he really does symbolize everything “ordinary folks” despise about the popular intellectual left. His axiomatic insistence that he hasn’t a racist bone in his body (unlike you-know-who) was off-putting enough, but his protestation that all he wanted was to get the cracker some teeth while making a lucrative living out of holding him and his religion up to public ridicule was puke-inducing.


  4. Peter: I can’t disagree with you there. And while I am a fan of Maher, that doesn’t mean I necessarily concur with everything he says. I have to admit that in this case, his defense of the welfare leeches featured was not only feeble, but almost painfully desperate in his attempt to justify their “entitlements”…

    Taking both the Mississippi piece and this one into consideration it’s not entirely clear what the point of the exercise was except perhaps to illustrate that there are people on the Republican side of the ledger who perversely vote against their economic self-interests (i.e., the toothless, god-bothering crackers) and those on the Democratic side who, in a likewise self-defeating way, vote for their economic self-interest — albeit, government hand-outs that may actually foster dependency and even perpetuate poverty.

  5. It’s no different in Canada! We have an immigration and refugee system that cost us 26 billion dollars a year. We have people coming to this country to have selective publicly funded abortions. We have terrorists coming here as refugees to have their children (omar khadr not mentioned). And let’s not mention Quebec or Atlantic Canada who!

  6. What about our inmates in prisons? Not only do they get to vote (liberal at that) but they get extended health care benefits including prescription, dental, mental health counselling and they don’t have to wait for a family doctor!

  7. LOL I think their viewership ranges from 8,000 to an occasional high of 35,000 or so. Considering the amount of resources behind it, that’s a pretty dismal number.

  8. Wow I try and make a point but instead we all plug Sun News! Oh okay to hell with the issue fuc**** up our country. Fine then I’ll just go watch a margie gillis performance….I know I’m funny!

  9. Gerry: I’ll take that as a “YES”.

    By the way, you mentioned a number of familiar Sun tropes, but what is THE issue fucking up our country in your estimation?

  10. The issue fucking up this country is that crazy people can vote. That is the only point which one could deduce considering the feces flung upon this thread earlier.

  11. Canadians have forgotten what makes us Canadians – and in that sense, the liberalism of Mackenzie-King, St. Laurent, Pearson, Trudeau, Mulroney, Manning & Harper has won.

    As much as I would like to see a reinvigoration of Canadian Nationalism, the people do not seem to understand it, or want it.

    Bread & Circuses for all !

  12. Gerry
    What point did you make?
    Apart from the fact that you seem to think that furriners, women making a difficult decsion, those of a non-white colour, convicts, French speakers and anyone to the east of them are some kind of sub-humans who have no right being treated like human beings let alone Canadians.
    Apart from you expressing your hatred of pretty much everyone who isn’t you, or closely like you, I was hard pressed to see anything close to resembling a point.

    Or was that the point?

  13. Gerry you’re an example of a racist bigot who lives in western Canada. You probably work for the dirt sands destroying our environment. Canada is a rich country, wealthy and has lost space for everyone. Canada is a country of immigrants that includes you. This country was built on immigrants just like the new Canadians who work a t the connivance store. Gerry you’re the problem that is fucking up this country. You should be banned form this blog for the vermin and hat rated you spew. Your comments should be removed. Grow up.

  14. Russell: Sorry, but unlike our “conservative” friends who claim to support “free speech” but in practice are complete fucking hypocrites, I don’t censor or ban people, nor do I “moderate” comments or “disappear” objectionable or dissenting remarks. (Well, every once in a while, but that’s just when some lunatic wingnut has a complete mental breakdown.)

    As for Gerry, in fact, we don’t know where he lives, so it’s wrong to presume that he’s from western Canada — nor should that be cause for a pejorative put-down. That’s just silly. [Full disclosure: I grew up in “western Canada” and have spent most of my life in that part of the country.] Also, the “dirt sands” aren’t “destroying our environment” — at least not relatively speaking. Which, of course, isn’t to say that there aren’t undesirable environmental impacts involved with the extraction of petroleum from bitumen deposits….

  15. I just came across this blog by searching “Freeloading Welfare Queens”. Honestly I think this film is despicable. It degrades the people who need social assistance and makes them look lazy. The American economy is at an all time low and of course people will need assistance from the government. At end of the day it is a person’s basic human right to be granted a living and this must be provided by the government especially in time of economic despair.

    People forget how the U.S. government treated the African Americans and how they were enslaved. Just like Canada and how we treated and still treat our First Nations People. It is the government’s responsible to provide for those who can’t provide for themselves.

    There is nothing wrong with spreading the wealth and creating equality.

  16. “And let’s not mention Quebec or Atlantic Canada who!” Gerry
    March 19, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Yes, it would have been better if you hadn’t mentioned either of these because when you did you showed yourself to be someone that clearly doesn’t know Canadian history nor respect his fellow Canadians all based on regionalism. Which given that you listed three of the four Provinces that founded this nation in that little ugly rant of yours is really sickening. Being a proud Bluenoser whose family roots in this region predate Confederation let me take this opportunity to say Fuck You Very Much!


    Sorry, I know that wasn’t my usual way of commenting, but seriously, that gets really old for us down on the East Coast. I’ve been listening to that sort of bullshit for decades now and it really grates to see how some of my so called fellow Canadians think this entire region is nothing but a pox on them and “real”Canadians. Our many contributions re forgotten, like the fact we were actually a major economic engine until after WWII when things centralized in Central Canada due to the increase in manufacturing dominating our economic output and the shipping increasingly routed through the St Lawrence Seaway. Like how we contributed people like Joe Howe who helped place the concept of the free press into our system of government during Confederation. I could go on but there would be no point. People like you, AtY, and harebell already understand this sort of thing and those like Gerry clearly have closed their minds and prefer to slander, smear, and vilify unjustly and unfairly instead of dealing with reality.

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