Harper’s F-35 Joint Strike Farce

Here’s a brand new video from the LPC regarding the Harper government’s constantly shifting position with respect to the purchase of an unconfirmed number of F-35 stealth fighter jets that could cost billions more than was initially planned for.

You may recall that during the election the Conservatives claimed they had a contract in place to purchase the new planes – one that would protect taxpayers’ from spiralling costs. Eventually, however, that turned out not to be true (surprise!). Now as things stand, according to associate defence minister Julian Fantino, “The . . . decision has not been made as to whether or not we are actually going to purchase, buy, acquire the F-35,”

Apart from the subject at hand, the nature of the video itself is worth noting. I believe this marks a significant departure for the Liberals – it’s the first full-on, issue-specific attack that I can recall being posted on YouTube. Until now they’ve mostly just uploaded raw clips of testy exchanges in Question Period or lengthy speeches – fairly unremarkable stuff, to be honest. By contrast, this is an engaging, aggressively direct piece that demonstrates some actual effort in terms of production. Good job! Let’s see more of these in the future.

4 Replies to “Harper’s F-35 Joint Strike Farce”

  1. I’m afraid I have to agree with Jeff Jedras of the “A BCer in Toronto” blog: nobody will really care about the flip-flop. If anything, it makes the government look responsible, and it makes the opposition look bad to criticize them for buying the jets, and then turning around and apparently criticize them for not sticking to a bad decision. I realize that isn’t what that video is actually doing, but I fear those are the optics.

    I think the best line to take on this is “We’re glad the government has finally come to its senses and admitted that we were right, and these jets were always a poor choice. But we’re disappointed that they tried to bully us into accepting them for so long. What other good Liberal advice are they shouting down out of nothing more than blind partisanship?” And then start talking about prisons.

  2. Oh, I totally agree, but as you indicated, that wasn’t the point at all. (Truth be told, I was more just tickled with the refreshingly aggressive approach of the Lib’s video.)

    But as for the matter of the F-35s, I think it’s entirely fair to clearly point out the fact that the Harper Conservatives have been flagrantly LYING about this issue for ages now. To dismiss it as a mere “flip-flop” doesn’t really do it justice. This was a case of deliberate, bald-faced LYING before, during and after the last election.

    Once that fact has been firmly established, it won’t be too strenuous to the Liberals to pivot from that in due course to the sort of framing you’ve suggested.

    The take-away however should be that if the Conservatives can LIE about a multi-billion dollar affair like this, why should they be believed about anything they say?

  3. It was obvious after the Oda debacle and the mess over the CYA over detainee abuse that lieing was an acceptable course of action for the Harper Party. Now we have evidence that the issue has approval right from the very head of the CPoC.

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