Conservative Double-Standard?

Why, I’m shocked, simply shocked, I tell you, to discover that Conservatives would employ a flagrant double-standard when it comes to the matter of… well, anything.

Of course, in this particular instance the root of the problem is that the Conservatives’ original objection to not having ministerial staffers testify before investigative parliamentary committees was nothing but a self-serving evasion of public scrutiny that could have been potentially embarrassing. Now the tables have been turned however, all their righteously indignant protestations in former times are expediently tossed overboard and clearly shown as having been completely without merit in the first instance. That’s pretty much par for the course, isn’t it?


4 Replies to “Conservative Double-Standard?”

  1. YES, YES, Del Mastro is the double-standard king of the western world. What an incredibly warped role model to set, even criminals, let alone teenagers and others just entering the workforce.
    Del Mastro is saying to this young people … hey look at me, I am so smart that my B.S. brain baffling program works so well, I can, lie, cheat & steal my way all the way to the top of the heap, while riding no hands on my bicycle & with his eyes closed.
    Everyday DOLT Dean stands up in QP, I think of the great people of Peterborough, the great communities within Dean’s constituency; AND how these people must feel so horribly betrayed by Dean’s sanctimonious blather.
    Dean cannot even answer a question, requesting a YES or No response.
    It’s true that HarperCon Voter Suppression methods come in many shapes & sizes. The HarperCon performance in QP is simply one more Voter Suppression scenario. It turns people off and tunes people out. It is downright depressing when it does not need to be, when it could be so much more, as part of the many other attractions to our Nation’s capital.

  2. Let’s think of a better term than “voter suppression” for this, please. That might be what the Americans call it (for all I know) but what the Cons have done is a crime, not a “dirty trick” or mere suppression. The word “fraud” comes to mind. A crime against democracy? Someone help me, here….

  3. Sassy: 🙂 Indeed.

    Penny: True enough. The term “voter suppression” doesn’t really fit the case here. It is probably better described more along the lines of fraudulent deceit.

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