Brietbart Dead of “Natural Causes”

El Rushbo pays tribute to Andrew (‘Stop Raping People!”) Brietbart, the muckraking right-wing activist and provocative web entrepreneur who abruptly died today at the age of 43.

Of course, Libmbaugh’s somber eulogy turns out to be really nothing more than a convenient vehicle to attack supposedly hate-filled “leftists” (based on his nut-picking of heartless comments made on Twitter) and to trash the so-called liberal media; in this case, quibbling over the AP’s entirely accurate description of Brietbart’s career

Meanwhile, on right-wing websites, conspiracy theories abound… The one favoured by most appears to imply that Brietbart’s vague threat to expose the “hidden agenda” of President Obama prior to the upcoming election and his “mysterious” death cannot possibly be coincidental.



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12 responses to “Brietbart Dead of “Natural Causes”

  1. Brent Fullard

    This Rush Limbaugh from today?

    Rush Limbaugh: Women Who Want Birth Control Are Sluts

  2. sassy

    Meanwhile, on right-wing websites, conspiracy theories abound…

    It’s been reported that he had heart problems, but I don’t suppose the conspiracy theorists will let a fact like that get in their way.

  3. Brent: Yeah, I heard about that — after I had posted this. Good grief, what an asshole. Just when you think these rabid fuckwits can’t sink any lower, they spelunk some new nadir of intellectual depravity.

  4. Sassy: He did seem quite tightly wound and ballistic to the point of thinking his head might explode at any moment. A heart-attack would be the most likely “natural cause” I would surmise.

  5. MoS

    I was so hoping he died on a toilet… just like Elvis.

  6. The public persona of Brietbart was that of a rabidly viscous maniac and rabble-rousing crusader. An ignominious death (e.g., “on a toilet”) would be a fitting end for such a creature. However, he was also a real person with a wife and four kids…With that in mind, it’s quite sad that he passed away at such an early age.

  7. You know I remember a time – purportedly the 1970s – when TV Shows like “All in the Family”, “M*A*S*H”, and yes, even “The King of Kensington” exposed bigotry for what it was, and is.

    Bigotry – noun: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

    This is not the same as prejudice by-the-way

    Prejudice – noun, verb: any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.

    Fast-forward to 2012 and you see bigotry abounding on all forms of media. Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart are two exemplars of the rise of the new bigotry. The internet abounds with other examples and exemplars.

    It’s quite sad to watch, really. As an organic conservative, it gives one to the realisation that humankind does not change very much really.

  8. ATY: As an organic conservative, it gives one to the realisation that humankind does not change very much really.

    That seems like quite an ironic paradox for an “organic conservative”.

  9. Pius Aeneas needs lotsa eyewash for that log. Can Canada’s lake stand the strain???

  10. It sure is Red. But I tend to frame my ethics around New Covenant Christian Ethics – as does, I believe Sir Francis. This is opposed to the bigoted anti-Christian ethos of the Fundamentalist Right.

    Having said that, political gamesmanship and shout-overs are nothing new – what is relatively new is the bigotry-based ideologies as pure constructs mindset.

    Back in the day, even RB Bennett realised that capitalism was not working – and so proposed reform. Today’s right-wing will defend to the death a system that is not working very well for many, if not most. All sides are guilty of clinging to their ideologies like some carved-in-stone grocery list.

    Capitalism = Good
    Homosexuality = Bad
    Defence Spending = Good
    Funding the CBC- Bad
    Tax-Relief for TNCs = Good
    Increases in Social Spending = Bad

    There is no appreciation for the nuance in anythign anymore and as result, a wilfull disregard for common ground.

    Perhaps the central question boils down to this:

    Are we Citizens or are we Consumers ?

    Left and Right is BS. It was a construct of the Cold War.

  11. Aeneas theYounger
    March 2, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Yep, I’m pretty much the same way, except for your first paragraph as my views shape as much from Wicca and Buddhism as they do from Christianity, I am a very diversified person when it comes to what shaped/shapes my belief structures. Overall though I can do little but agree with you especially on the ending aspect of the post you just left, the binary left-right way of looking at the world in NA is unfortunately a legacy of the multigenerational Cold War, a very astute observation I would say.

    These days it seems were are viewed far more as consumers than we are as citizens, and too many of our fellow citizens seem to have bought into that POV whether they have knowingly or not. It is one of the things that most disturbs me about NA society these days. Too many people don’t care to think of themselves as citizens in any meaningful way, nor of the obligations that comes with the rights of citizenry in our societies, civic duty and all that. These days I m wondering how long it will be until the balance point gets hit and yet another revolution happens, because from where I sit the pressures are building up towards it in many sectors of our society, in different areas/respects perhaps yet still pressure building for change for all of that.

    We live in interesting times, and it is helping show people why that has been such a potent curse in the Chinese cultural framework/mindset.

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