Crazy Stupid Politics

Bill Maher’s first live stand-up special that was netcast via Yahoo! the other day…

Not sure how long it will survive on YouTube, but if you missed the netcast, enjoy it while it’s available.



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5 responses to “Crazy Stupid Politics

  1. sassy

    Lots of good lines in that – one of my favourites “too dumb for code”.

  2. tf

    Thanks Red Tory, for putting this up here!

  3. You’re welcome. I was delighted to find it and am quite pleased it hasn’t been pulled down… yet. 😉

  4. Emam Muhammed

    With G*D’s NAME: Hon Citizens, i am the best candidate for 2012 election first and foremost because our LORD CREATOR has appointed me HIS representative to the People of the USA. Dear Fellow Americans, our inspired Hon Founding Fathers separated the Church from the State, i SAY THIS WITH LOVE AND RESPECT, because of the ungodlyness of Church doctrine, they the Founders had in their midst a personal copy of HOLY QUR’AN which was perserved by Patriotic Americans as the greatest LAGACY for the guidance of future Americans. As President=servant of “WE THE PEOPLE” i will acknowledge your Constitutional right of freedom of religious preference which is supported by QUR’AN though as servant of our LORD CREATOR ALL MIGHTY, i must inform the American People that #1 Christian doctrine=false worship of Creation, putting partners with the CREATOR, saying of the CREATOR other than the Truth is the highest form of wrong doing, #2 Interest on LOANS, #3 Immorality=same sex marriage, sex without marriage can quickly be solved with Temporary Marriage and removing the high cost of divorce, #4 abortion, #5 Alcohol use=no communication with the ALL MIGHTY until 40 days after last drink, government offcials should abstain though the Office of the National Spiritual Advisor can represent the Spirituality and Morality of the Nation, LORD willing. The Political people and the USA Citizens must accept the fact that the solutions to our problems extend from Spirituality into economic and social recovery hence only the ALL MIGHTY’s Man can repair our beloved USA…

  5. Amazing that your completely insane rant slipped past the spam filter.

    Seek treatment. You seem to be a case-study in how religion destroys minds.

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